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Luxury home automation, the best comfort for your home

In a timid way, home automation came to our homes a few years ago and is now a reality in our daily lives. Her presence may go unnoticed, although without her, today we would not feel so good in our house. And, furthermore, what happens when we talk about luxury home automation ? What is it and how does it improve quality of life?

Because the Internet of Things (IoT stands for Internet of Things), of which home automation is a part, lives with us and allows us to interact with assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Home to control the installation of a simple thermostat that manages the temperature of our home to make it more comfortable.

Thus, home automation is the set of systems and technologies capable of automating a home through intelligent management of energy, communications, lighting, security, and all the elements of a home or building in order to provide security, wellness and comfort.

In short, home automation turns our home into a smart home or smart home

How to implement luxury home automation in your home

Thus, if you want to live in a smart home, you can implement different home automation systems and integrate them under the same control (this is what is called inmotics ). These are the essentials of luxury home automation.

  • Efficient lighting systems: Today there are numerous intelligent lighting systems that adapt the lighting level (both indoors and outdoors) based on variations in sunlight, the area of ​​the house or the presence of people, adjusting to the needs of each moment, and that allows, for example, to avoid leaving the lights on when leaving home.
  • Regulation and control systems for air conditioning systems: Just like lighting systems, they adapt the temperature of the home based on the variation in outside temperature, the time of day, the area of ​​the house or the presence of people. In addition, there are also systems that detect whether the windows are open or closed and warn you if one or more windows are open when the air conditioning is activated.
  • Intelligent automatic control systems for awnings, blinds and curtains: Allows maximum use of sunlight and, therefore, maximizes energy savings.
  • Smart faucets: they manage the flow and temperature of the water.
  • Security systems: Security within the home ranges from the detection of fires or water leaks to the notification of intruders. Closely linked to this issue, there are also detection and warning systems in the event of breakdowns, such as, for example, a gas or water leak, causing a supply cut that avoids the dangers that could arise and the extra cost that it also entails.
  • Control or sequencing systems for the start-up of electrical appliances: Today more than ever, these types of systems are essential. And it is that they allow you to program their operation at times when the price of energy is lower and maximize both energy and economic savings.

Main advantages of home automation

Although luxury home automation may involve a high investment, the benefits not only affect your well-being and that of your family, but also that of the planet (it will surely be part of the houses of the future ) Especially in terms of achieving maximum efficiency energy possible.

Energy saving

Luxury home automation, through the use of sensors, can manage and even program electrical or electronic devices anywhere in your home.

This entails significant energy savings, since we are able to program the time that a light bulb must remain on, lights off and on, optimize the use of devices such as air conditioning compressors, the opening and closing of windows according to the times of the day etc.

In fact, according to the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDEA), it is estimated that the installation of a home automation system in a home that allows the intelligent management of lighting and temperature in a 20 m2 room generates energy savings of around 25%.

All this is possible to control by the user, adapting the use of energy and electricity to their needs and making it a much more efficient use.


Security is the main reason why users choose a smart home. Many times closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) or other recording devices, remote control alarms, etc., are installed, which allow the interior of homes to be observed from a distance. In this way, access can be controlled remotely, making these environments more secure.

A very interesting option in this sense is that we can know through our mobile when there has been a breakdown in some environment of the house and be able to proceed to repair it or take security measures from wherever we are.

Domotic environments are more comfortable

And it is that being able to control lighting, air conditioning, interior temperature, sound equipment or the opening and closing of blinds from the sofa via mobile is a technological revolution that simplifies our lives and provides us with greater comfort.

Improve communications

The voice begins to play a more important role, since there are more and more home automation systems where voice and data transfers are made. This makes it possible to establish communication between people in different environments that are home automation or between your home and mobile. This communication allows you to observe any anomaly in your home and take measures to repair or solve it even if you are not at home.

Promotion of more accessible environments

Home automation also makes it possible to live in a more inclusive home, as it makes it easier for people who use wheelchairs to control access, ramps or door openings simply from their phone or by means of a remote control.

Luxury home automation and Gilmar

The integration of technology in the intelligent design of a house is one of the many services that we offer you from Gilmar. We are more than a real estate company and that is why we ensure your well-being and comfort with our after-sales services.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in all aspects of our daily lives. The confinement we have experienced and the arrival of teleworking has meant that we spend much more time in our homes.

This new scenario has meant a change in our routine and in our preferences. The value for small things, such as our well-being, comfort, communication with our loved ones and even the concern to achieve greater sustainability are now priorities.

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