Finding an OFTEC Registered Technician

Finding an OFTEC Registered Technician


Everyone who uses heating fuel to heat their homes knows the challenges of properly maintaining their tanks and heating systems. These tanks can be dangerous and heating fuel is hazardous because of its flammability, which can make maintenance a challenge. Thankfully, OFTEC-registered technicians can effectively and properly install and maintain heating systems, providing solutions for those who need it.


What is an OFTEC Registered Technician?

OFTEC is the Oil Fire Technical Association and since 1991 has been promoting the highest professional standards and procedures. In 2002 they became a Competent Persons Scheme, providing much-needed professional training and certification to oil technicians across the UK. 


What is a Competent Persons Scheme?

A competent person’s scheme is a way for tradespeople to prove their ability to carry out certain required standards, instead of needing to apply for additional building regulations approval. These programs allow certified technicians to self-certify their work, ensuring that they have met all the needed regulations and requirement standards. 


These schemes require tradespeople to take the appropriate training and courses so that they are competent and capable of tackling all relevant jobs relating to oil and heating. With this training, they know how to operate, maintain and repair all the possible oil and heating systems, giving consumers the best value for their money and the best quality of work possible.


What are the Benefits of Using an OFTEC Registered Technician?


Phil from OFTEC training course Gastec Training said ”OFTEC registration gives a tradesperson the ability to provide “one-and-done” services, without the need for extra approvals or inspections.” That means that an OFTEC-competent person can save you both time and money by doing the work and certifying that it is properly completed, according to all relevant regulations and standards.


OFTEC businesses and technicians can work on solid fuel or liquid fuel heating systems, providing a wide range of services that give consumers the ability to get their work done, without the need for a site inspection by a local building control officer or a privately approved building inspector. This helps in getting these jobs done more efficiently.


Finally, you get the peace of mind knowing that the installation or maintenance work that you needed done was done by a competent and professionally trained technician who can certify that it matched all existing local and municipal guidelines. OFTEC also has a OFTEC’s free workmanship guarantee that covers the work if it doesn’t comply with local building regulations.

How Can You Find an OFTEC Registered Technician?


Finding an OFTEC-registered heating technician is as easy as going to the OFTEC website and searching for a technician registered with OFTEC in your area. This will allow you to find and contact the nearest OFTEC-registered technician and give you access to the most professional and expertly trained technicians near you. 


OFTEC-registered technicians will get the job done, efficiently and effectively, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your home heating without worrying about the complexities of complying with building codes and regulations on your own.


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