The word vintage included in the vintage style of decoration that we are going to talk about, and that our dictionary does not yet recognize, is an anglicism, although it is usually associated with the French language given its origin. Vendage, which in French means vintage or harvest is the voice from which the expression we are now referring to derived. Some linguists rightly propose abandoning the Gallic accent that surrounds it in its pronunciation and trying to sound something like  vintych”.

The use of the term has been evolving and what was known as “harvest or harvest”, now describes the concepts: “ vintage, classic, retro or vintage” . It is used to refer to those things that “despite not being new, are fashionable due to their attractive design”.

In general, the concept is used to describe timeless designs that do not go out of style , proposals that arouse melancholy and have survived more than a couple of decades, or ideas that have been recovered by designers and dressmakers. Vintage also designates those iconic styles or objects that have become a cult object. The vintage style is a trend that will allow you to add retro touches to the decoration of your home with furniture or original elements that leave their mark.

If you want to give that retro touch and make your home stand out for its vintage look

When finishes are a good start

Decorating your home in a vintage style is a mission that requires the search for exclusive and unique designs inspired by the past. You also have to have the ability to combine these elements with the most modern comforts and technologies.
If we focus on materials and finishes we will have many clues that will give our home that vintage style :

  • On the floor of kitchens, bathrooms and terraces we can opt for terrazzo tiles, with a certain modern touch in the design of the shape (hexagonal or triangular), or for the incombustible hydraulic tiles , which provide a traditional design with its geometric figures.
  • For the rest of the house, we can opt for a wooden floor directly or sheets that imitate not only the drawing but also the texture. A herringbone or square composition will give a very nice retro touch to a living room.
  • When decorating a vintage -style room, in addition to choosing the furniture, it is very important to decorate at least one of the walls with wallpaper. The choice of paper is key to finding the desired style. There are as many options as we allow ourselves to dream.

5 ideas for a vintage -style bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms that can best adapt to that vintage style. As it is an independent space, it can have its own style, offering all the possibilities that can be imagined.

The success of the vintage style lies in the balance between modern elements and functionalities with the retro doses that we apply. Here are a few ideas for decorating a vintage-style bathroom.

  1. Old looking faucet. Both in design, with tall, twin-handle spouts and straight lines, and in the use of traditional materials such as iron or copper. Many of the faucets marketed by large firms have matte finishes and in a black tone that confirm that return to the classic.
  2. Countertop sinks with marble, tempered glass or wood finishes, transport us to a rural environment with a certain smell of nostalgia.
  3. Restoration and use of iconic furniture to design the washbasin. From a traditional Singer sewing machine table to a printing press table or a chest of drawers from an old pharmacy, with imagination and aesthetic vision we can turn the washbasin into the star piece of furniture in our home.
  4. Mirrors with a worn look are one of the favorite objects of vintage designers. Recycled mirrors or with a design that simulates the passage of time both in the glass and in the frame.
  5. Back to the bathtub. If the dimensions of the bathroom allow it, a bathtub will allow you to return to childhood and enjoy the pleasant sensation of a comforting bath when you return home in the afternoon. If the bathtub has metal claw or eagle feet, the vintage stamp is guaranteed.

Chairs and armchairs as protagonists

There are pieces of furniture with unique designs that by themselves are capable of changing the perception of a room or an entire home. While in the kitchen the use of colors in the appliances allows for that vintage inspiration, in the living room it is the chairs, sofas and armchairs that are going to achieve the desired effect in a more direct way. Through three very popular designs, the ability of the vintage style to expand throughout the room can be exemplified:

a) Cesca chair by Marcel Breuer. A design from 1928 that does not go out of style and that perfectly combines wicker, wood and iron, fusing the idea of ​​craftsmanship and industrial work. An icon of design and a statement of decorative intent.
b) Chester sofa. It has its origin in the eighteenth century when the Earl of Chesterfield commissioned a design that would not spoil the clothing of the time. Upholstered, in natural or synthetic leather… it is a classic that will shine with its own light in your living room.
c) The Swan chair is a recognizable and iconic chair from the 1950s introduced by designer Arne Jacobsento decorate a hotel in Denmark. The model inspired by a swan is, together with the Egg Chair , one of the most identifiable designs of the artist and a very original proposal to give a vintage touch to the living room.