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What is Home Staging?: advantages and techniques

A few years ago, a new technique appeared that is experiencing significant growth in the real estate market, and that is, Home Staging . It is a marketing method imported from the United States that emerged in the 70s as a result of a period of great real estate supply but low demand. This technique spread throughout Europe in the 1990s, but in Spain it did not begin to be applied until the 2008 crisis, when there was a large portfolio of properties for sale, but future buyers were scarce.

Today, competition in the real estate market is fierce. There are many opportunities to rent or buy a home in a wide range of prices and qualities, that is why the first impression that customers get from a home is fundamental and it is on this that they decide to continue with their purchase or rental. So to attract more and better customers, a property has to stand out from the rest and this is the objective of Home Staging.

So that you know in detail what it is, what it consists of, what advantages it has and some of the techniques that can be applied, reform and interior design department has prepared this guide on Home Staging. So, if you want to sell or rent your home in the shortest time possible, take good note of their advice.

What is Home Staging?

The anglicism Home Staging refers to a series of real estate marketing techniques whose objective is to prepare and decorate a home or premises to take photographs, videos or virtual visits to make it easier for potential buyers to view them, and increase the possibilities that different rooms. In Spanish, Home Staging would be something like “house staging”.

The purpose of this strategy is to transform the appearance of the property to make it more attractive and that a large number of people are able to imagine living in it, thus increasing the chances of selling or renting in the shortest time and with the greatest benefit for your owner.

And to achieve this goal, Home Staging is based on depersonalizing the home or premises, giving it neutrality in order to capture the attention of a wider range of potential buyers.

What is the difference between decorating and applying Home Staging?

The decoration or interior design has an aesthetic objective and the search for comfort for the inhabitants of the property, so it is done in a personalized way according to their tastes and needs. The objective of Home Staging is to sell the property as soon as possible, so a standard or universal style is sought that highlights the strengths of the property and appeals to the greatest number of people.

Can I apply Home Staging on any property?

Home Staging is not only for owners with high purchasing power or high standing properties. It is a system that can be applied to any type of property, from single-family homes, flats, chalets, etc., to offices or commercial premises. The limit is in the budget available to invest in this marketing strategy, in the type of transaction and also in the professional chosen to carry it out.

What are the advantages of applying Home Staging?

Buying or renting a home has a rational part and an emotional part. The selection of the area, the type of housing, the price and other factors, is the rational part. Once the property is visited, the emotional part begins. Those first seconds are decisive to make a good impression on the potential buyer, that is why the advantages of resorting to Home Staging are multiple:

  • Increase the sale price. According to a survey carried out in 2014 by the Spanish Home Staging Association (ASHE), after resorting to this technique, the price of the property was increased in 41% of cases.
  • Greater number of commercial visits to the property, which increases the chances of finding a buyer.
  • It reduces the possibility that those interested in the property will try to negotiate the price down or haggle.
  • Increases the perceived value of the home . If visitors enter a clean, well-lit space with a welcoming atmosphere, it will be easier for them to imagine living there.
  • Savings for the seller. The less time the property is for sale or for rent, the less maintenance costs it will have to bear.
  • Accelerates the sale or rental operation. If we take into account the survey carried out by the Spanish Home Staging Association (ASHE), in 88% of cases the property was rented in less than 15 days and 47% in less than 7 days. Regarding sales, 75% of properties found a buyer in less than 90 days and in 55% of cases in less than 40 days.

What is home staging?

What techniques are used in Home Staging?

Home Staging techniques do not imply carrying out major reforms in the property, they consist of incorporating small changes in the furniture, in the organization of the space, in the decoration and in the way in which the house is presented. However, the conditioning of a home will depend on its general condition.

In the case of a second-hand home, the main tasks will be:

  • Remove the personal belongings of the owners. One of the missions of Home Staging is to get future buyers to imagine living there and this will be more difficult if they see the photos, objects and personal belongings of the owners.
  • Sort the spaces. To make a good impression you have to eliminate cluttered drawers and cluttered furniture and shelves.
  • Clear and remove excess furniture. If the house is large, you can afford to have two sofas, otherwise, you will have to remove one. In addition, if the house has a room in disuse, having it as a storage room will make potential buyers perceive it as a wasted and useless space. So turn it into an office or a play area.
  • Clean and repair all those small damages that give the appearance that the house is to be reformed. Offering a home that is ready to enter is another of the missions of Home Staging.
  • Organize the spaces and decorate strategically to highlight the strengths of the property and make the drawbacks invisible.

How to do Home Staging if the house is empty?

In the case of empty or first-hand homes, the main objective of Home Staging is to “dress the environment” and for that, the following techniques can be applied:

  • Use textile elements such as towels, bedding, rugs or curtains that make the space comfortable and welcoming.
  • A well-presented sofa and bed, with soft, plump cushions, will make the buyer imagine themselves lounging on them.
  • Real or cardboard furniture can be incorporated so that the potential buyer can get an idea of ​​the different options for using the spaces. Luckily, there are temporary decoration options at very competitive prices.

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