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How to know if my light is being punctured?: actions and tips

Sometimes necessity—and mischief—outweigh legal disincentives. Who prick the light to enjoy it without paying, they almost always do so knowing the fines to which they are exposed.

The administration will always take objective data provided by the distributor as a reference, but if it cannot offer them, the law also contemplates a general measure to apply .

“ The distribution company will turn it over, billing an amount corresponding to the product of the contracted power, or that should have been contracted, for six hours of daily use for a year , without prejudice to criminal or civil actions that may be filed .”

They seem to be enough penalties to discourage crime. The reality is that there are still many families and individuals who continue to prick the light. What if you are the victim? Because it is a very unique situation, few people know what steps to take next .

The first of all will be to really identify if it is so; if they are stealing electricity from us . Or if it is only due to a suspicion of some kind of error on the part of the marketer either the same distributor . Read on and catch up.

What do I have to do to know if my light is being punctured?

The first step is very simple and intuitive. You go to counter and write down the total consumption that appears on the screen . It does not matter if it is analog or digital, you will find the number easily if you pay a little attention.

With that you go to the electrical panel at home and first of all flip all switches. It is usually recommended to download only the general, but here it is convenient to do it with all of them and wait about 30 minutes to make sure that the count has stopped.

In theory, no type of consumption should be recorded. And that is where you have the opportunity to know if your light has been punctured . To check it you will have to pay attention to different things depending on the type of meter.

  • Analog : in this kind of meter, consumption is measured with a roulette wheel that rotates as the information is recorded. If it doesn’t move, nothing is being consumed. That makes? Look at the kwH that you wrote down and if they are lower, they are stealing from you.
  • Digital: instead of a spinner here what you will find will be a red LED. If it is fixed, it means that nothing is being consumed. On the other hand, if it blinks, the light is probably being punctured. Also check the consumption recorded to clear up any doubts.

In case you feel like messing around, the digital counter also allows you to navigate through an internal menu to get to the information you are looking for. Access reading mode , navigate to L4 INFO and then L43 V INST .

If the figure shown is not 000.0 A , that means that we are being victims of some kind of manipulation. We recommend that you repeat the operation several skipped days to verify that it is something continuous .


My light is being pricked: now what do I do?

The first thing is to contact the distributor that corresponds to you by address. From there they will provide you with all the necessary procedures to file a complaint that can be completely anonymous.

At the same time you can call your marketer to make her aware of the situation. At Energy GO , for example, we make both our phone number and email available

Of course, before getting in touch make sure you have at hand as much information as possible about your supply; includes both the location by postal address and the CUPS.

Depending on the company, you may have to leave other personal data and even attach images that can serve as evidence when filing the complaint . From that moment we can only wait for the situation to be resolved.

It is worth mentioning that the majority of marketers and distributors are already cured of fright by including different automatic security measures that instantly identify when something is not going as indicated.


What if they accuse me of being hooked?

Although it is not the most common, there are also cases in which the company directly accuses the individual , even filing a complaint to collect the fine. The problem is that maybe you are not to blame and they are charging you arbitrarily.

In these cases, the first step to take will continue to be to go to the retailer’s communication channels to request an inspection report . Surely it will not work for you because from their side they will have already studied the situation to allege the crime.

From that moment on, your interest in resolving the situation, the time you have and, of course, patience come into play. You can contact consumer organizations such as OCU or FACUA so that they can help you.

There is also the figure of the Ombudsman , in which a online form to send complaints and claims. And finally, you can always go to the Consumer Arbitration System.

Don’t be tempted to prick the light

As if the argument of security and compliance with the law were not already weighty, you should know that the regulatory framework does not allow you to play Robin Hood. In other words, by manipulating the meter you are not going to cause any damage to the electricity companies .

This is so because there is a part of The invoice of light which is destined precisely to defray the losses of the network. We are not always talking about private fraud, but also about transport accidents and the management of energy surplus.

In any case, if you puncture the light or manipulate the meter to pay less, in reality you will be harming all the people who religiously pay their electricity consumption. Come on, which is throwing stones on your own roof .

There are already many methods and home habits that save electricity without falling into illegalities. The new tariffs for hourly discrimination allow better than ever adjusting the needs of each one to the contracted power. There are no excuses.

And if you have doubts, you can always go to someone you trust for advice. At EnergyGo we will be happy to measure your consumption, improve what you are paying and guarantee a quality service with 100% clean and energy .

Call 900 622 700 or go to our website and start consuming responsibly without mischief or ethically questionable methods.

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