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In recent decades, companies have had to progressively adapt their offices to adapt them to the needs that have arisen over time.

The division of spaces , rest areas , common areas (such as meeting rooms), etc. they have been adapting to the new dynamics as far as work is concerned.

The division of spaces

When it comes to organizing the different work areas, companies tend more and more to open , diaphanous spaces that enhance social interaction and avoid work isolation. In the digital age, we need less and less space available on our desktops or at the file level. This allows very different workstation configurations to what was done before.

The trend, whenever the environment allows it, is to create bright, open and comfortable spaces . It has been shown that this type of environment generates employee well-being and increases productivity levels . If we are comfortable and we like our work environment, we will be somewhat happier. Keep in mind that we spend about 1/3 of our weekly time in our office. So… why not feel even more comfortable than being at home?

Ideas to make your office a place where you want to be

There are many ideas that can help companies create modern and comfortable offices and workspaces in which to work.

We list a few:

  • Use functional elements in furniture that help us feel comfortable . Good work chairs , useful and easily accessible furniture ,
  • Good lighting, both natural and ambient , will help avoid the feeling of spending too much time indoors.
  • Natural materials , mixed with high-performance or more technical materials. The use of different types of materials in furniture, walls, floors, dividing panels, etc. It will help create a varied environment that avoids a feeling of monotony or excessive uniformity.
  • Make your office talk about your brand. Combine colors on walls, fabrics or furniture to generate a feeling of belonging. Add some luminous sign or corporeal letters with your logo in strategic places, but without overloading! The experience of both your team and those customers or suppliers who visit you is important to build a brand.
  • Use mobile panels to create spaces for certain specific needs (a private presentation to clients, for example).
  • The use of glass walls makes your office gain in light and space . In addition, it conveys an idea of ​​transparency beyond the material.
  • If your office allows it, create a space for rest or recreation . Many of the solutions to problems or new ideas can arise in a relaxed conversation while having a coffee with a co-worker.
  • Includes plants in strategic locations. Natural plants convey a feeling of comfort, help reduce stress, improve air quality and, in general, increase the feeling of happiness in workers .

In short, the size of your office does not matter. Whether you are 3 people or 50 on one floor of a building, it is ultimately about feeling comfortable when working.

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