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Why should we avoid excessive water consumption?

Why should we avoid excessive water consumption?

Have you heard of water stress ? It is the situation that occurs when, in a country, the demand for drinking water is greater than the possibility of accessing it. If the difference is too great, its inhabitants run the risk of losing this invaluable resource, which would have terrible consequences.

Well, according to a report by the World Resources Institute, Spain is among the industrialized countries with the greatest water stress. This translates into the fact that, within just 20 years, the country could be among the 33 countries in the world with the greatest problems in supplying water to its population. More than enough reason to strive to save as much water as we can with individual gestures that we can apply at home and live #LikeABosch in a sustainable way.

Tips to save water on a daily basis

In all the activities of your day to day in which water appears, you can do something to avoid wasting it, let us give you some advice.

Save water by using the dishwasher

In the kitchen, for example, it is best not to wash by hand, but using the dishwasher. Perhaps you have heard the myth that it is better to rinse the dishes under the tap before putting them in the dishwasher… the reality is that this is totally false since they are appliances prepared for washing at high temperatures, capable of removing the most difficult grease and dirt . In addition, there are low-consumption programs such as Prewash that uses cold water to remove surface dirt, when there is not yet enough load to start the dishwasher.

Bosch dishwashers have a multitude of programs to consume what is necessary in each situation and need. Discover them in the Home Connect application and program the dishwasher from your mobile.

Rinse dishes before dishwasher

Reduces the water consumption of the washing machine

One of the most common mistakes when we put the washing machine and that cause us to consume more water than necessary, is to use too much detergent for the load of clothes that we are going to wash. Why? Very simple, the washing machine will need to perform an extra rinse , which means an extra amount of water, to finish the washing program and that the clothes do not have traces of detergent. The best thing in these cases is to consult the manual of the appliance or the instructions of the product that you are going to use so as not to overdo it.

However, at Bosch we offer you an even more precise alternative so that you can wash your clothes with the right and necessary amount of detergent and fabric softener. The i-DOS washing machines with an intelligent self-dosing system are designed to reduce water and product consumption, since they detect the load and level of dirt in the laundry to wash with precision.

The innovation for your life does not end here, since the rest of the Bosch washing machines that do not have i-DOS are also designed to save water. Thanks to ActiveWater technology , the washing machine consumes the necessary water per amount of laundry.

Save water and detergent with the washing machine

How to save water in the bathroom

This is the part of the house where the most water is used, so it is the place where you have the most opportunities to save it. Let’s start with a classic: it is much better to take a shower than to take a bath. With a bath, approximately 140 liters of water are used, while when you take a shower, only 15 liters per minute are used. For this reason, this relaxing and special moment is better reserved for specific occasions, don’t you think?

The same happens in the sink, there are many times to save water. When brushing your teeth, for example, turn off the tap while you brush; or if you wash your face or shave, put the plug in the drain so you don’t waste it.

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