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The best dishwasher for small kitchens

Who said that dishwashers are exclusive goods of very spacious kitchens? The world of household appliances adapts to the needs of all families, homes and corners. For this reason, there are various models of dishwashers that fit into practically any space and every lifestyle. Small dishwashers are the perfect solution for you to enjoy all the advantages of this appliance without having to worry too much about the dimensions. Are you looking for one? Keep reading!

Small dishwashers and their measurements

Before choosing an appliance for your home, you must take into account the space you have available to place it. 60 cm wide dishwashers are the most common, although you have compact 45 cm wide dishwashers in case your kitchen space is limited. They are the perfect solution for people who live alone and do not need a large capacity to wash dishes.

Don’t let the size fool you! Compact dishwashers have practically the same functions and features as their bigger brothers.

Installation of compact dishwashers

Leaving aside the measurements, you should know that the installation of a compact dishwasher is identical to that of a 60 cm wide model. You just have to decide what type of design you want for your kitchen and choose between a free-standing dishwasher , which you can place wherever you want, or a small built-in dishwasher, which go completely unnoticed as they are built into the same piece of furniture. The latter is a perfect option for minimalist kitchens or those seeking to leave all the prominence to the decoration.

Small dishwasher installation

Give consumption the importance it deserves

Although you have opted for a small dishwasher, there are some data that are still just as important. For example, consumption. In the past, it was common to think that washing by hand meant greater savings in water and energy, compared to using the dishwasher. However, both in the larger dishwashers and in the compact models, the savings are significant, since they only need an estimated amount of 9.5 liters of water to leave the dishes impeccable. And, Bosch dishwashers do not exceed 0.75 kWh per wash cycle. You can find out what the consumption of the dishwasher is in this blog article .

Small dishwashers with the best features

Once you have chosen the size and installation, you have to know that your small dishwasher has the best features.

  • Bosch compact dishwashers can wash up to 10 services , depending on the model chosen. This measurement is the one used by manufacturers to measure the capacity of dishwashers and how much kitchenware, cutlery, plates, pots, pans, bowls, etc. fit inside.
  • Thanks to the EcoSilence motor , you won’t even know they are working. In fact, in the integrated dishwashers we incorporate the InfoLight system, which is a beam of light that is projected on the floor to inform you that your dishes are being washed.
  • The best comfort in the interior : so that you do not have problems when it comes to organizing your crockery for cleaning, we have incorporated our VarioFlex baskets with folding rods, perfect when you need to put very deep utensils. And, thanks to the RackMatic system, you can adjust the height of the upper basket up to 3 levels depending on what you have to wash.
  • Wide variety of programs and functions: with VarioSpeed, for example, you can achieve excellent washing and drying results up to 3 times faster than normal. Hurry? Use the 1 hour program to have clean and dry dishes in just 60 minutes. And don’t get overwhelmed if you can’t fully fill the dishwasher; Thanks to the Half Load function, time and consumption are adapted so that you always have your plates and glasses ready.

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