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The best aromatic herbs to grow at home

All recipes improve when we add a touch of color using green shoots or aromatic plants that, in addition, provide a lot of flavor and extra textures to the dish and healthy properties. For example, if you prepare a mille-feuille of pink tomatoes and mozzarella with black olives, you can dress it with olive oil and a little coarse salt. What if we add a fresh touch with basil?

There are many recipes to which we can add flavor and color with the aromatic herbs that you can grow at home , with the Smart Grow home gardens . You have a wide variety of seeds to choose from: oregano, mint, parsley or green shoots such as arugula or lamb’s lettuce, as well as decorative edible flowers for a perfect tie. We tell you how to learn to grow  with your Smart Grow the best aromatic herbs to use in the kitchen.

Grow fresh basil year-round

From the garden to the table and everything stays at home. With the Smart Grow home garden you can harvest your aromatic herbs and consume them directly on the plate. If you love the freshness of basil, you can have and enjoy it all year round, with the best care and growing conditions.

In addition to seasoning your dishes , it is a plant with beneficial properties for the stomach and a source of nutrients and antioxidants for our body. You can prepare salads and even accompany basil with fruit to prepare delicious ice creams.

Add flavor to your dishes with celery

Its rich flavor and its characteristic smell are not the only characteristics of celery , as this vegetable has many beneficial nutritional values ​​for health. In addition to its satiating properties, celery is rich in vitamins B and K, folic acid, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and iron. You can grow this source of antioxidants at home in the Smart Grow home garden and incorporate it into different recipes such as purifying celery smoothies, vegetable creams or as a snack to “dip” cheese sauces or hummus.

Use sage to marinate meat

As we were saying, the Smart Grow allows you to grow a wide variety of aromatic herbs to innovate in the kitchen. Sage is one of them and has beneficial properties for the body such as its contribution to reducing cholesterol, strengthening bones and the immune system thanks to vitamin A and C, improving hair and skin health or relieving gastrointestinal discomfort.

You can use sage in the kitchen to prepare infusions, to marinate meat, add it to pasta dishes or flavor butter to fry vegetables.

Season your recipes with fresh oregano

Oregano is a kitchen classic that is used to flavor pizzas, pasta or stir-fries. This aromatic herb, which you can grow in your Smart Grow, is a digestive tonic that helps whet your appetite and has expectorant properties to relieve congestion or flu-like processes. Harvest fresh oregano throughout the year and include it in your tastiest recipes.

Grow ideal plants for salads

Watercress, leaf radishes, arugula or green kale… in the catalog of seeds available to grow in your home garden, you will find a wide variety of plants ideal for salads . Even cherry tomatoes!

In addition, Smart Grow gardens include a gift kit with three seeds so you can start growing from day one. Doing it is very easy and suitable for all kinds of people, whether they have more or less hands in gardening, thanks to the Smart Grow mobile application you will have everything you need for your crops in your pocket: tricks, nutritional information, recommendations to use in recipes or Additional accessories for your home garden.

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