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How to design the perfect terrace and revalue your home

For many homeowners, enjoying a terrace borders on the magical: a place to relax, entertain, cook and unwind from day to day. The adequacy of this outdoor space begins with the choice of the most suitable materials. Your selection can have a great effect on the appearance, durability and functionality of the terrace and, of course, on the revaluation of the property itself .

Before deciding what type of terrace you want, first take a good look at the available space. Keep in mind that it should not only complement your home, it also helps improve your style and quality of life. If you have a lot of space, consider incorporating a mix of different flooring materials . Remember that the use of multiple materials will even allow you to create different spaces on the same terrace.

The choice of materials to design your terrace should be based on different criteria: that they are easy to maintain, that they do not involve a great cost, that they help you to reform your terrace in a reasonable time… Here we offer you some ideas…


Concrete is the material for terraces most chosen by the owners. It’s structurally sound, inexpensive, and can even be painted to mimic other high-quality paving materials. It is ideal for homes located in moderate to hot climates where frost is not a constant concern.


Available in a wide variety of colors, the bricks help you create a welcoming and attractive patio. Creating a type of terrace with brick as the protagonist generally costs more to build, not only because of the materials themselves, but also because of the labor since each brick must be placed by hand and leveled.


Often made of cement, ash or stone, pavers are one of the most used options simply because of their low price and their very simple installation: you will have your perfect terrace in a matter of hours.

If you plan to renovate the terrace of your house yourself, you will need a suitable substrate that consists of at least half a meter of sand and a permanent edge, such as a curb for example, to prevent the pavers from shifting. Remember that pavers can be laid dry by firmly bonding them together or installed with uniform mortar joints.


If what you want is a somewhat more premium-looking terrace, stone is an option to consider, but beware, it is also one of the most expensive. Above all, if you opt for a specific stone that is not original.

Irregularly shaped flat stones offer an inviting and even relaxing effect, while evenly cut granite or slate stones can give your deck a more formal and elegant look.

Realize that natural stone is extremely durable on any terrace, but if it is next to a pool, it is important that you opt for a non-slip variety.


Available in ceramic, glass, porcelain, terracotta and natural stone, the tiles help create beautiful mosaics on terraces. They also help create cooler environments under our feet. Of course, to resist the weather, keep in mind that the tile you choose is specially designed for outdoor use.

gravel and sand

If you don’t like solid pavements for terraces, perhaps gravel or sand may be more your style to achieve that perfect terrace. Both sand and gravel offer a wide variety of colors and textures at low prices, and even zen gardens can work perfectly as a choice for your terrace. You will however need to first install a solid perimeter to prevent this loose material from spreading outside the intended edge.

Whatever your choice, always remember that caring for and renovating your terrace will also help you, in the event of a sale, to ask for an extra for this important part of your home. Keep that in mind!

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