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Pamper your home: a cushion for each room

Cushions are a very practical accessory when it comes to completely changing the decoration of our home. Textiles play a key role when it comes to giving your home a change. Renew the spaces of your house by changing bedspreads, curtains or cushions. Get a new touch without making a big outlay .  

And it is that decorating with cushions has become an art. They give us that brushstroke of color and style with which we can finish closing the decorative concept of our home: minimalist, rustic, industrial… And of course, they give a point of comfort to each of the rooms in your house , from the living room and bedroom, to the garden or terrace.  

How to choose the perfect cushions?

First of all, these are some characteristics to take into account to get it right. 

  • Size. There is no ideal size, there is as much variation as you can imagine, from super large to extra small. The interesting thing is to play with different sizes, creating that attractive game with volumes.  
  • Form. The most common cushions are square and rectangular, but alternating other shapes such as round cushions will create a welcome contrast to the eye. And today, when we do long series marathons on the sofa, we have to think a lot about comfort, in this aspect it can be positive to include a cylindrical cushion to rest the back and legs.
  • Fabrics. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, are pleasant to the touch and “breathe”. Artificial fabrics are usually more practical, resistant and easy to wash. In addition, there are different types of fabrics, some more rigid and others softer. Finally, it is convenient that the cover is removable and washable. 
  • fillers There are natural fillings such as feathers, very comfortable, although they cannot be washed in the washing machine. Or, the synthetic ones, which in addition to being cheaper, can be washed without problems at home. The amount of padding should be adapted to the use of the cushion and, of course, to your liking.
  • Designs. Basic cushions are not usually enough, dare to go one step further and introduce more sophisticated designs, playing with different colors and patterns, alternating different textures, or applying details such as tassels or fringes.
  • Colors. In this case, we will apply the 60/30/10 rule that decorators use to find balance. It consists of choosing a predominant color, a secondary color and a supporting color, generally more intense, to give the whole a spark.

The ideal cushions, room by room  

After what you have seen, decorating with cushions can seem like a world. And it is, in the best of ways, you can give free rein to creativity, everything is allowed, as long as we find that balance. We tell you how to succeed with cushions in each of the rooms in your home.  

living room cushions

 The living room is a room very grateful to small changes it can seem more spacious and welcoming almost by magic. The cushions will be your allies to achieve it.

The first question is: how many cushions to place? Many interior designers agree on this point: one more cushion than the number of seats the sofa has. In other words, if your sofa has three seats, four cushions would be ideal. Although you will have seen more than one proposal with countless cushions of different shapes, sizes and fabrics. Imagination to power! 

In any case, it is essential that the cushions stand out from the sofa and armchairs, providing liveliness. For example, if your sofa or armchair has dark or neutral tones, an idea could be to combine some basic cushions with others that have patterns, bright colors and textures.

The cushions can also be used to have a winter and a summer living room, choosing fresh materials such as cotton and linen in the hot months, and leaving others such as wool for when the cold returns. Of course, you will not get tired of your living room.  

cushions for the bedroom

The cushions are as important as the quilt or quilt that covers your bed. To decorate your room with cushions, use pieces that are comfortable and useful depending on each use. Mainly, you need three types of cushions.

The large cushions are perfect for sitting up so you can enjoy reading, working on the computer or having a delicious breakfast. They must have a generous padding that maintains its firmness as a backing. 

For their part, the smaller cushions will be the support of their older siblings. Playing with models in various sizes, colors and textures you can give the bedroom a lot of personality.  

And don’t forget to add an extra cushion if you also have an armchair, stool or bench in your room. You will see how they add to the set. 

Cushions in children’s rooms

Decorating the children’s rooms with cushions is a joy. Here, you will be able to give them multiple uses. Not only in the children’s bed but in any part of their room, even using them on the floor to play .

And it is that children spend a lot of time playing on the floor of their room, where they have more space to place their toys. In addition to a good rug or special children’s mats for the floor, you can place very comfortable cushions for them to incorporate into their games. A large cushion will serve as a support to create your first reading corner.

As if that were not enough variety, in decoration stores you will find cushions with shapes as fun as mountains, rainbows or animals, which will stimulate children’s imagination as just another toy.

When they grow up, your children will leave these types of designs behind and will want more sophisticated cushions. They will be your best advisers in decoration.  

Cushions on benches and exteriors

Benches for gardens and terraces , stools in the hall to put on and take off shoes or benches in the kitchen or dining room are pieces that are increasingly present in homes due to their usefulness for family and guests.

For added appeal and functionality, place some comfortable cushions on top of the wood . In the case of benches, in addition to common cushions, you will find mat-type cushions, perfect for sitting for long periods of time.

If the furniture is outside, special attention must be paid to the materials. Cushions made of natural materials are beautiful and comfortable, but they deteriorate in the sun and you must protect them when not in use. There are also cushions with treatments for UVA rays and specific technical fabrics made with artificial fibers such as acrylics and PVC.

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