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How to choose the perfect rug

When choosing a type of rug, various factors must be considered, such as colour, size and, of course, design. There are them for all tastes: round, square, rectangular, in soft tones, in bright tones, with long fibres, with short fibres, wool, vinyl… We help you choose the most suitable one for you.

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Why choose a rug

They are cute, warm and cozy. Plus, rugs add dimension and color to any space, even a dull corner. Along with the curtains, it is one of the pieces that most dresses a house. But there are more reasons to love rugs as much as we do.

isolate the noise

Carpets, in addition to being thermal insulators, are also a perfect acoustic insulator. They dampen the sound of daily footsteps and absorb noise. So they are one of the tricks to soundproof a house that we recommend.

Reduce dust at home

Having carpets is synonymous with having a healthier home. Although it may not seem like it, they prevent dust from spreading throughout the environment, thus reducing the possibility of suffering from allergies. Of course, cleaning and vacuuming must be frequent, in order to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt in it.

They dress and protect the soil

Carpets are the best floor protector. Above all, if we have delicate pavements such as parquet, vinyl or even marble floors. To prevent floors from scratching or deteriorating, laying a rug is an ideal solution.

Tips for decorating with rugs

If you have a rug, these tips will be very useful when creating the environment you are looking for.

Use rugs to define areas

Rugs are the perfect ally to create several environments in the same space, separating each area in a visual and simple way. For example, a dining room. In this way, although there are no dividing elements such as partitions or walls, they will define the area occupied by each one. This tip is very useful for both large and small spaces.

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Choose the right size and shape

Carpets, the bigger the better, especially in the living room, you have to take this into account to know how to choose the perfect carpet. Remember that for it to be visually aesthetic, all the legs of a piece of furniture must be on the carpet and, if this is not possible, at least the front ones must be. If the piece of furniture is small, there is no excuse, the rug must be bigger and all the legs must be inside it.

In areas with more movement, it is best for the rugs to occupy almost the entire width of the passageway. Think that there is nothing more uncomfortable than walking with one foot inside the carpet and the other outside.

The importance of color

The color of the rug is also important when choosing the ideal model. And not only that. You have to take into account the color palette of the room in which it will be located.
Light tones and simple patterns help to visually expand the space and bring light. To use darker colors, the ideal is that the room is large or that a lighter color palette predominates in its decoration.

Perfect for creating a focal point

Rugs can have a huge impact. In fact, there are rugs that become the very protagonists of a space and capture all eyes. But they are also a very effective tool if you want to enhance a decorative object (be it a piece of furniture, a sculpture…).

Renovate your house cheaply

If you want to change the decoration of a room without investing too much, you can achieve it with a rug. Changing the rugs to introduce colors, welcome the seasons or to be the latest in decoration is simple and fast.

Dare with prints

Brightly patterned rugs add color and personality to a room. However, if most of the pattern is going to be covered by furniture, choose another type of rug.
It should be noted that rugs that have prints or drawings are the best solution to hide stains and, in addition, they hold up to dirt better.

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types of rugs

There are as many rugs as there are cultures and styles. If not more. Among them, Afghan rugs are very famous, as well as kilims. But the rugs with geometric motifs, typical of the Scandinavian style, or those with Nordic hair that give a very warm boho and shaggy touch to any corner also stand out.

berber rugs

Also known as Moroccan rugs, Berber rugs are made of wool and are usually handmade, at least the original ones. If something characterizes these ethnic rugs, it is their warmth, originality and striking colours, depending on the model.

Kilim rugs

When color becomes a rug, we are talking about a kilim, a rug without hair, made by hand and in an artisanal way. Its essence is that it does not mix colors. Being made without knots, they are lighter and fresher rugs. The kilims are characterized by their color and always bring a touch of joy.

vinyl cushions

They are practical, beautiful, easy to clean and very decorative. There are many types, but those that imitate hydraulic tiles stand out. They are a good alternative to place in the dining area.

shaggy rugs

Also known as long-pile rugs. Their soft texture makes them very pleasant to walk barefoot. They are very versatile, as they fit both in a children’s room and in the living room or master

Materials for the rugs

Wool, vinyl, cotton, bamboo, vegetable fiber rugs… What material to choose? Depending on the use and the type of decoration you want for your home, you must choose one type of material or another.

wool rugs

Wool rugs are one of the best natural thermal insulators. Thanks to their fibers and their composition, they are a perfect barrier against the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

Vegetable fiber rugs

Vegetable fiber rugs such as the classic sisal, raffia, hemp or rope dress the floor and fill it with warmth, while at the same time perspiring and helping to regulate ambient humidity. This type of rug is ideal for the whole year, but especially for the summer, due to its freshness and natural appearance. However, they are not easy to clean. If you want to place a rug in a place that is susceptible to stains, it is better that it be washable.

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cotton rugs

The rugs of this material are comfortable and functional. They are perfect for decorating the children’s bedroom, the bathroom or even the dressing room, more informal environments than the rest of the house. In addition, being so fresh, they are ideal for the summer months.

New Materials

Plastic materials such as PVC, polyethylene or vinyl also make these types of rugs resistant to stains and moisture. They are ideal for the kitchen and for outdoor rugs, as they are not damaged by exposure to sun or rain.

Decorate your house with rugs

These elements look good in any corner of the house, even hanging on the wall. Of course, when choosing a rug, you must take into account the decoration of the room to also know where to place the rug in each room.

Decorate the living room with rugs

Of all the floors in the house, the living room is the one that is most often dressed with rugs to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To choose the perfect rug you should take into account the sofa and even the curtains in the living room. Depending on the size, you can place the sofa and the rest of the furniture on the rug and add elegance and sumptuousness. Another option is to play with different textures on the floor and generate different environments or create a superimposition of rugs, placing two models of different sizes, the smaller one on top of the larger one. You will achieve a double portion of warmth and you will texture the space even more.

Ecru wool rugs are a sure hit. If you want something more colorful, choose a geometric pattern in dark tones on a light background. You will get a sophisticated effect.

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The warmth of the rugs in the bedroom

Decorating the bedroom with rugs will help you create a cozy and well-being environment. If the bedroom is large and you have a double bed, place a large rug from the front of the nightstands to one or several meters in front of the foot of the bed.

If you have a small space in the bedroom such as an office or a dressing table, choose a small rug to separate environments and take into account the different rugs in the room to play with sizes and uncovered floor spaces.

If the room is not too big, choose to place a couple of long rugs on each side or the entire triplet.
Wool or sheepskin rugs bring more warmth to the bedroom.

How to decorate the dining room with rugs

In the dining room it is best to place the table and chairs on the carpet. We must also bear in mind that, when we lean back to sit down or get up, the chairs should remain on the carpet, without stepping on the floor.

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welcome with rugs

You don’t need too many decorative accessories for the hall, but choosing a rug to decorate it is almost a must. Of course, being a very busy area (this also applies to halls), the best option is to choose rugs made with thick and resistant materials.

A corridor with carpets

Like the hall, the corridors are a very important area of ​​the house. However, it is a difficult space to take advantage of and decorate.

Choose a single rug to make it appear deeper. If, on the other hand, it is a very long corridor, combining several rugs will help visually “shorten” it. Play with the shapes to make the whole more cheerful. Opt for rugs with light tones since the hallway is usually an area that generally has less natural light than the rest of the house.

Original rugs for the children’s bedroom

As we have already mentioned, there are many types of rugs, so you will also find children’s rugs designed for the little ones in the house. They are original and fun, star-shaped, unicorn-shaped, round…

To decorate the children’s bedroom, choose rugs made of materials such as cotton or wool. In this case, rugs made from plant materials such as jute or sisal are not recommended because they can rub against the skin of the little ones. Also look for practicality, that they are easy to clean or even washable and hypoallergenic rugs.

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A more original bathroom

For the most daring or those who want to give the bathroom personality, rugs are a winning bet. With a long pile rug, you will get it.

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In the kitchen, rugs are also a must

And if there can be carpets in the bathroom, in the kitchen too. In this space, they gain special importance as they prevent slips, stain the floor more than necessary and help delimit spaces.
Bet on vinyl rugs, they are easy to clean and very practical. You can place them in front of the fires and the sink, the two areas that usually generate more splashes. If you have a work island with a bar, a rug will help you delimit both areas.

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Carpet Maintenance

Another point to keep in mind when choosing a rug is that it is easy to clean. In fact, one of the reasons why many people do without decorating with rugs is cleanliness.
One way to keep the rugs in good condition is to rotate them so that they do not always wear out in the same area. If you remove the rugs in summer, remember that when the time comes to use them again, it may take a while for them to recover their shape, especially if they have been stored rolled up. For a few days, leave weights in the corners so that they return to their normal state and avoid possible tripping.

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As for stains, first of all keep in mind that if any liquid is spilled, try to remove it as soon as possible, either with absorbent paper or even with a towel. For major stains, it’s best to take the rug to a dry cleaner, especially if it’s delicate.

Carpet cleaning should be frequent. Large ones should be thoroughly cleaned about once a year to remove anything that a vacuum doesn’t remove. The small ones, the more we shake and clean them, the better.

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