The best scenario in your home for telecommuting

If we take a current x-ray of teleworking , it invites us to think of a hybrid scenario in the short and medium term. A design in which classic office work and remote work coexist. Many companies are already betting on models of three days in the office and two at home, which is generating new impacts and realities in companies and in homes.

With the pandemic, teleworking reached unimaginable implementation rates just a few years ago. A social phenomenon, forced by circumstances, that has caught almost all of us off guard. The sectors and professions where teleworking was already carried out normally in 2018 were residual, but in most companies it was hardly contemplated.

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The so-called new reality raises uncertainties, but almost all analysts agree that teleworking will continue to set a trend in the world of work. Faced with this situation and with a critical eye, it is important to open our eyes and our minds to what some specialists call “ inflexible flexibility” .

How should the new workspace be, so that better milestones and a higher quality of life are achieved?

The right environment for telecommuting

During the last months of 2020 and 2021, labor relations experts have designed the ideal office for teleworkers. It is very important to avoid the so-called ” zulos” or ” fish bowls” to build a stall where natural light is the protagonist. The desk must be oriented towards a window, which allows working with sunlight. In this way, the contribution of vitamin D to our body is increased and the motivation of the workers is also increased.

Another way to connect with nature is to have a houseplant or two on your work table. There are varieties that hardly require any care and maintenance, such as the Sansevieria, also known as “Saint George’s sword” or “mother-in-law’s tongue”, which will give a touch of color and life to your space.

Some physical exercise and, above all, being very rigorous with schedules (meals, sleep, hygiene, family), are two other pillars on which experts recommend basing the performance of our work. Everything to turn the house into a comfortable work office.

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“Whoever has a garden, has a treasure”

In the last two years, the social metamorphosis caused by COVID-19 has boosted the demand for homes with more natural spaces, a garden or a terrace. The sacrifice of square meters in an apartment in exchange for a more central location has given way to a new trend, where in the search for apartments the valuation of homes with a small space or outdoor land that allow better carry out the recommendations of social distance.

Sheltered by this situation, several companies have tried to give striking and surprising answers when it comes to designing the perfect job. Among the most attractive options is the possibility of setting up a garden shed and covering all the professional’s technical and comfort requirements. In this way you can enjoy nature at its best.

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In search of the best office in the world

The goal of achieving better results at work is achieved by raising the comfort level of the new position. If we are already determined to move our stall to the garden, we must make sure that natural light is the protagonist and multiply comfort when selecting tables and chairs.

Our move will be of little or no use if the new position is very cold, damp or if we do not have the facilities of our old office. It is not worth the effort if the average temperatures of the twelve months of the year are not considered, the incidence of the sun in the longest days of summer or if the mobile or WiFi coverage is affected by the change of location.

If we bet on a new office in the garden of our house, there are very varied alternatives, where the orientation, dimensions and budget will condition our choice.

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So that our dream of having the best office in the world does not turn into a nightmare, we must work on the design and layout of all the necessary elements so that we do not miss the old position. The option of a garden shed to connect and disconnect with nature from our workplace is a possibility, which offers interesting alternatives on the market.

Discover the best selection of houses with gardens in your city and set up the perfect office! You will be the envy of your peers.

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