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5 cheap washing machines to save energy in our house

White or black?Washer-dryer or just washing machine?With how much load capacity? When it comes to equipping our kitchen, we tend to get carried away by purchasing factors that are irrelevant to save energy.

It is normal that you end up buying for the design, after all it is what you are going to see whenever you are going to put the laundry, but at the end of the month what is really important is the consumption, the comfort and the rest of the facilities that it gives us to spend less electricity.

Be very careful not to get carried away by the offers, because on those occasions the brands tend to sneak in models that are neither up to the efficiency you are looking for, nor do they fit your needs. The purchase price can be in those cases very dangerous .

Therefore, before showing you which are the best cheap washing machines on the market , we are going to briefly review the most important purchase factors. Don’t trust everything to the store clerk’s knowledge, and leave with your homework done. 

What washing machine to buy: keys to choose well

Ask yourself what you need and you will almost certainly be right. Sometimes we do not have to take the largest washing machine, or the one with the most programs. If you live alone or a simple model has been enough for you all your life, stick to your reality . This way you will be able to save.

Apart from this, below we leave you with the most relevant questions that you must answer when you stand in front of the technical sheet and want to compare washing machines.

  • Type of washing machine : front-loading, top-loading or washer-dryer. In almost all cases you will be interested in the first. If you have little space, opt for one with a reduced depth. Top-loaders typically offer higher load capacities.
  • Load Capacity : The amount of clothes you can wash per cycle. For 1-2 people look for the 5 or 6 kg ones, for 3-4 people stay with the 7 or 8 kg ones, and for more than 4 people look for the top ones, those of 9 kg or more. Note that the more capacity, the more expensive.
  • Revolutions per minute : The minimum to meet must be 600 rpm. We remember that we talk about the speed at which the drum rotates, and therefore the drying capacity. If you live in a cold and/or humid area, aim as high as you can.
  • Washing programs : What has more weight in the final price. Stop being capricious and look for it to have, at least, an ECO program. The others you will hardly ever use. It is better to be able to adjust the time and temperature of the program than to have many presets.
  • Noise : Very relevant to avoid disturbing the neighbors at night. The noise reflected on the energy efficiency label must never exceed 80 dB. Keep in mind that from 65 dB it starts to be a bit annoying.
  • Energy consumption: The most important thing of all and what will attract your attention the most. Compare cheap washing machines by looking at the energy efficiency label and not the purchase price. Always shoot towards class A models.

Once you have collated all this data, then you will be able to take a look at the price. A comparison between cheap washing machines is only correct when the rest of the characteristics are similar. Saving there by paying a price for something else is a bad decision .

Best cheap washing machines



balay cheap washing machinesThe best valued model of all those included among cheap washing machines. Balay offers here a product that bets everything on the purchase price. How cheap is it? Well, it currently sells for less than 330 euros! A real bargain that lacks energy efficiency but complies with load capacity ( 7kg ) and spin speed ( 1200 rpm ). Of programs it goes justita and of materials more of the same. Still unbeatable in quality-price.



CANDY CSS 1492D3-SAnother handy bargain from the leading brand in cheap washing machines. If you have ever had a Candy at home, you will know that its models are plastic, with fair qualities and very few customization options. Of course, all this allows for super-affordable purchase prices to be closed. This is the case of Candy CSS 1492D3-S ; a washing machine with a 9 kg load capacity, 1400 rpm, up to 15 different programs and category A. All this for about 300 euros.


Beko WTA 10712 XSWR

beko wta cheap washing machinesAlthough it will not be the first brand you look at when looking for cheap washing machines, the truth is that we can never rule it out. Beko has authentic price-quality jewels that meet the minimum you are looking for without giving up savings. This is the case of this WTA 10712 XSWR , with a spin speed of 1400 rpm, 54 dB of noise and no less than 10 kg of load capacity . Its efficiency label stays at B, but it’s still interesting.


HAIER HW80-12829

Haier HW80-12829 cheap washing machinesBeing as it is one of the leading brands in premium washing machines, Haier also delivers on the cheap washing machine front. By choosing this brand you take advantage of higher quality materials, a more solid construction and a more precise assistance service. The HAIER HW80-12829 offers 8 kg load capacity, 62 dB noise, up to 14 wash programs and 1200 rpm spin speed. It will hook you with its short program of just 15 minutes and its A rating.



BOSCH WUQ28478ESWe leave a somewhat expensive washing machine for the end of our list of the best cheap washing machines. Contradictory? No, because the Bosch WUQ28478ES offers unbeatable value for money. Although its rate exceeds 500 euros, what it incorporates is comparable to other models that are around 800 and even 900 euros . This model is ideal if you want premium at a gender price. It presents 8 kg of load capacity, 49 dB of noise and 1400 rpm. It is obviously a class A washing machine.

That these are the best cheap washing machines does not mean that they are the only ones at a good price. There are thousands of models on the market with very similar characteristics. Therefore, regardless of what we advise you, it is always advisable to compare for yourself .

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