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5 ideas to renovate the kitchen

If you think it has become outdated, you are tired of the decoration or you simply want to give it a different touch, we are going to give you  5 ideas to renovate the kitchen without the need for major renovations.

Without a doubt, the kitchen is a very important space in a house, so when it comes to changing something in this area, we must not only take into account aesthetics, but also functionality. It is useless for something to be beautiful if it does not fulfill its function.

Right now you may think that your kitchen couldn’t be further from the trends set by decoration magazines for this space in the house. But we can assure you that, with some well thought out and executed changes, you will make your kitchen look even more “magazine”. So, if you are thinking of renovating and modernizing the kitchen of your home, here are some ideas.

Change the color of cabinets and tiles

If your current furniture seems bland and boring or, on the contrary, too intense; but they are of good quality and like new, we offer you a solution to change their color and give them a personalized touch.

There is a special enamel with which you can change the color of your kitchen cabinets to one that you like more. Just paint the doors and drawer fronts with a non-marking foam roller. Then find some new handles and replace the old ones. The change will surprise you and even you will think that the furniture is new.

Another option is to change the doors for others , but it is possible that, if your furniture is not of a standard size, you will have to ask for it to be made to measure and this is much more expensive.

And what if what you no longer like is the color of the tiles?

Today, there are many products that make it easier for us to renew the appearance of our home without the need for reforms or a large budget. So, if you still like your kitchen furniture, but what happens is that you are tired of the color of the tiles, you can paint them. As in the case of cabinets, there are specific enamels to paint all kinds of materials , including tiles.

If you don’t know what color to choose, we recommend that you go for white , both for walls and furniture. It is a timeless colour, it will bring light to the kitchen and it goes with everything.

Invest in a quality countertop

quality countertop

The countertop is the protagonist of the kitchen , along with the appliances. The best thing is that you choose a timeless and resistant one, if possible in a neutral color.

There are many materials you can choose from, but before choosing one, you must be clear about your needs and, above all, what budget you have.

Porcelain countertops , for example, imitate any type of material. They are resistant, easy to clean and very hygienic. But if you are looking for something cheap, you can opt for laminate, which comes in various finishes and if you make sure it is water-repellent, it can withstand moisture without any problem.

On the other hand, wood is warm and natural , but its protective finish must be renewed from time to time and then there are quartz countertops, which are antibacterial and very resistant, but not to direct heat.

We recommend that you opt for granite , which is always a good option, it adapts to any surface, it is resistant and can last for many years.

Install a backsplash in the fire area

If of these 5 ideas to renovate the kitchen , there is one that we especially recommend is this one.

A dashboard is something very practical in those areas, such as the fire area, that are stained daily. It will certainly make cleaning easier and can also give your kitchen a very modern touch .

As with the countertop, you can choose from many materials: quartz, tempered glass or stainless steel; but if you are going to change the countertop, you can also take advantage and use the same material for the backsplash.

Refresh the lighting

If your kitchen has a window through which natural light can enter , our advice is to make the most of it by placing blinds in light colors that allow light to pass through.

However, in a kitchen, the work areas must also be specifically lit , that is, the worktop, the sink, the area of ​​fires, etc. All these areas must have sufficient light and for this it will be necessary to place auxiliary light points.

For example, you can put LED strip lights under cabinets or small spotlights inside . You can also place recessed lamps in the ceiling or hang them over the island, the table or the bar, if you have them. In this case, if you choose a model with a special design, it will give a very stylish touch to the room.

Try vinyl flooring

One of the things that a priori seems more difficult to renovate is the floor of a room. But now this has changed. If the flooring in your kitchen is old, damaged or you no longer like it, you can quickly renew it with a vinyl floor .

The great advantage of this material is that it is easy to install, sticking it over the existing floor, without having to dismantle the kitchen. In addition, it is flexible, resistant to humidity and dampens noise.

In addition, there are a large number of models that imitate materials such as wood , ceramics or cement, so you can choose the finish that you like the most.

As you can see, thanks to these 5 ideas to renovate the kitchen that we suggest from the  interior design team , you can completely change the appearance of this space. And if you also invest in decoration accessories, new kitchen utensils and storage solutions that are never left over; you can enjoy a modern and functional kitchen that will last for many more years.

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