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The best help when buying a home

The search for a home is full of stages that must be overcome little by little. There are many procedures necessary when buying a home and knowing them first-hand is already a fundamental first step to be able to function with ease.  

From the choice of the property to the final move, you have to make decisions and carry out procedures that can drive us crazy or throw off the initial calculations. In a quick tour of the entire process we will see the importance of having the support of a team of experienced professionals.  

An aid that can help control expenses, reduce deadlines and pave the way to the home of our dreams. Do you want to know the reasons? 

Choosing the house

Although the law requires that the property title of any building or home be public , many times the information that can be obtained is not clear enough. If we want to avoid possible fraud , we must ensure that whoever claims to be the owner of a house is actually who they claim to be and has full capacity and legitimacy to carry out the transaction .

The experience of the real estate consultant is vital to correctly identify both the home and the owner. The team of professionals will help us understand the exact situation of the house : if it has any annotation in the deeds that deserves to be known, the identification of existing easements in the property, as well as other obligations and rights of the house. 

The urban and real estate knowledge of the area will help the buyer to detect if there is any illegality in the house, which prevents its commercialization or forces a total or partial demolition in the future.  

The housing portfolio that an advisor is going to offer us has passed the previous filter and all the analysis work that deserves to be recognized. In addition, the track record and reputation associated with a company like  means that it can sometimes have real estate before it goes on the market through other types of channels, offering advantageous conditions to its clients .

The best price for housing

The company of a real estate consulting company will allow the buyer to secure the best price for the desired home . Knowledge of the market and specifically of the area is a very important weapon when negotiating the price with the seller. In the same way, the experience in the review and negotiation of the deposit or reservation contracts of the house will avoid unnecessary disappointments.

Another point in favor that can translate into significant savings in time and money is the help of a manager when checking the status of a property . In the case of new-build homes, you can confirm the qualities announced by the promoter in the Report of the home, as well as the state of all the facilities and supplies . For second-hand houses or from an inheritance, the contribution will be vital to gauge the cost of a repair , a total/partial reform or the general condition of the house .

What is the best mortgage?

Professionals in the sector are also up to date with the best promotions and conditions regarding mortgage loans . If it is necessary to review the characteristics of a bank offer, they can also contribute so that we can choose the one that suits us best.  

His position is sometimes supported by having closed several operations in recent months. Real estate managers know first-hand the characteristics of the latest contracts between banks and individuals, which is why their advice on this point is so valuable.

Agility to process and settle taxes and registrations

One of the last steps that must be done before finalizing the purchase and sale of a home is the formalization, payment of taxes and registration of the same in the corresponding public registries and entities . Normally, bank agencies usually offer this service, which undoubtedly represents a significant saving in time , but with the help of an expert colleague like Gilmar, we can anticipate the request for documentation and have everything prepared to speed everything up. 

When a company claims to accompany you throughout the entire journey of the sale, the trust of both parties in the relationship is very important . It offers a whole series of value-added services that represent vital time savings in many cases. The knowledge of the market, the paperwork, the negotiation procedures, the experience and even the intuition of the professionals are the best bet for a safe and guaranteed purchase .

The house of your dreams awaits you. Let us help you find it and go all the way in buying or selling the houses together. A team of experts, passionate about their work, who will help us locate the best houses for sale and guide us on the price per square meter in a certain area or for a house with specific characteristics. 

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