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How to write a real estate ad correctly?

When selling a property, take the time to write a real estate ad like a professional: this ad will be your letter of introduction, your commercial showcase in a way. Read on for some tips to attract as many buyers as possible.

Include as much information as possible in your ad

You will have to write an exhaustive text that allows each interested party to collect as much information as possible about your property.

So do not hesitate to first list on a sheet all the information that describes your property , then describe these elements as much as possible in a text that will be well written, without fail, with advantageous phrases .

Remember that this text will be your facade, it must be specific, but concise. So make sure you cover the following topics:

  • The date of construction of the property (Antiquity).
  • The location of the property .
  • The sale price.
  • the surface .
  • The number of rooms.
  • If possible, the surface of the environments (living room, kitchen and bedrooms).
  • Flooring materials.
  • The surface of the exteriors (garden, terrace, balcony).
  • The distance of transport (bus, metro, etc.).
  • Any reform that has been carried out.

Person building the model of a building

Specifies the location of the property

People looking for housing generally prefer to see the ads first . Buyers appreciate knowing in advance in which area the property they are going to visit is located, and thus, plan it in advance, this helps to avoid possible disappointments on the day of the visit.

If you do not want to give the exact address of the property , do not force yourself to do so, but at least take the trouble to mention the neighborhood, possibly the street without giving the number, and describe the environment in the advertisement.

Specify the advantages of this address, proximity to services, quiet, warm environment, green spaces, etc.


Set a fair and realistic selling price for the property

Setting the price of a home is not a parameter that can be improvised, it is a real job that requires a solid knowledge of the real estate market .

Photo of a real estate ad

Use good quality photos

Using good quality photos makes your real estate ad receive 7 times more visits . Of course, the photos that will appear in your ad are of the utmost importance, only they can convince buyers to visit your property. Therefore, it is advisable to follow these tips when taking your photos:

  • Organize each room completely, avoid leaving things on the floor or on the furniture. Of course, it also prevents a person or an animal from appearing in the photo.
  • Remove as much of your personal items as possible: photos, decorations, toys, etc. Buyers are already starting to project themselves (or not) when they look at your photos, so make sure they can imagine themselves in as neutral a place as possible.
  • Wait for the brightest hours in each room to take the photos and set the camera options correctly.
  • Don’t forget to also take photos of the outdoor spaces, following the same rules: tidy up and wait for the optimal weather and light.

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