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What Type Of Brick Is Ideal For Use In Construction?

The construction material par excellence is brick, because with it you can build walls resistant to many damages and in case they break they are easy to replace. In addition, due to its small dimensions compared to the work in its entirety, they allow you to create much more artistic designs for the house or building.

If you are thinking of building with bricks but you don’t know which one is more suitable, don’t worry! Well, in this article we are going to teach you everything you need to make the best decision.

Types of bricks according to their use in construction

As you surely know, there are many types of bricks , but they can be classified into broader categories if you take into account the use that you are going to give them in construction, the main ones are:

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  • Solid perforated bricks, which have holes in the board to increase their resistance as the mortar enters through them and are used to build facades.
  • Hollow bricks, which have horizontal perforations on the edge in order to reduce their weight without losing strength and are used in partitions that do not support too much weight.
  • Refractory bricks, which are completely solid and resistant to heat, so they are used to insulate fireplaces, hot ovens and other places where there are high temperatures.
  • Fired clay bricks, which are used more for decorative purposes because they have less strength to weight.
  • Face bricks, which do not have pores or perforations, making it waterproof and resistant to low temperatures. It is ideal for facades.
What are the advantages of using bricks in construction?

Being one of the most used materials, there are logically several advantages to using bricks in construction , among the most important are:

  • They can be adapted to multiple construction styles.
  • They do not need constant maintenance.
  • They are difficult for insects, rodents and other animals to pass through.
  • They are thermal insulators, so they store heat during the day and disperse it at night.


What is better to build Red Brick or Block?


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Knowing if brick is better than block or vice versa is very difficult and in practice it depends on the needs you have when you go to build.

For example, if you are looking for greater resistance to earthquakes, bricks are better since they do not tend to crack. On the other hand, if you want to save, it is possible that the block will serve you better because they use less cement mix and are faster to place, so evaluate your decision well!

How to know if a brick is of good quality?

Knowing if a brick is of good quality is very simple, you just have to do a little test to check that they are uniform and without cracks or clay spots, they should not absorb a lot of water when soaked for a day or melt on contact with water. They should also not be flammable but rather fire resistant. Similarly, high-quality bricks are resistant to falls and impacts.

Bricks are definitely an excellent material and knowing if they are of good quality is simple, so use them in your works whenever you can!

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