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What Is Digital Construction And Benefits Today?

Digital construction is a trend that has come to stay in the sector. For a long time we have thought that digitization was not going to be a competitive factor in construction.

The construction industry , as well as the rest of the business world, is advancing by leaps and bounds, this is due to the application of modern technologies, which allow perfecting the techniques used when developing public and private works.

Digital construction is a clear example of how the fourth industrial revolution reaches all aspects of life, including the construction sector, which is why today we are going to talk about the concept and usefulness of this way of building.

What does digital construction mean?

Digital construction is a concept that encompasses all the applications of modern technology to the homonymous sector, in that sense, the most prominent form of this is the construction information modeling , also called, BIM, in which, a three-dimensional model detailing technical aspects of the work.

future construction project

Digital construction is revolutionizing the construction industry since it simplifies the work that workers have to do, generates a more detailed guide of the tasks to be carried out, among other benefits.


Fundamental principles on which digital construction is based

Digital construction emerges gradually in the modern architectural industry, the principles of digital construction are 4, each one allowed the emergence and consolidation of this, the pillars are:

  1. The business, in which aspects related to the company are considered, such as the price of the project in order to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of materials or workmanship.


  1. Clients, with whom we seek to have absolute compliance with delivery times, as well as the highest quality in the work performed.


  1. The processes, since these are automated in order to minimize delivery times, in addition to allowing innovation as a strategy to achieve this purpose as well as better organizing the activities carried out.


  1. The workers, with whom it seeks to create hiring models and friendly work environments in order to increase the efficiency of the workforce.


Examples of advances in digital construction

There are mainly five advances in digital construction :

  1. Big Data, in which the intelligent analysis of the data generated allows it to be applied in a practical way on the construction site, increasing the efficiency of the construction company.


  1. Robotics, and more specifically, construction drones , as these can collect information on the terrain to intervene, as well as monitor the phases of the work to anticipate errors.


  1. Artificial intelligence, as well as virtual reality, which is capable of creating virtual environments of the final appearance of the work, thus speeding up each project.

virtual design of construction project


  1. 3D printing, which allows the creation of pieces and parts of the structure that are difficult or impossible to obtain, reducing the cost of acquisition and transportation.


  1. Modeling with BIM technology, which integrates all the information generated by the parties involved in the project, avoiding delays and reducing costs.


Undoubtedly, digital construction is of the utmost importance for the industry, because due to its multiple benefits, they make it much more efficient and, therefore, more attractive to customers, even the most demanding!

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