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Make Your Move Easier With These Organization Tips

We have already warned on previous occasions of the wear and tear that buying a house can cause: The best advice so that delays, paperwork, paperwork and other usual incidents in the process are not affected is to walk the path hand in hand with an experienced consultant and love for your work. If you want to know how to make an organized and simple move , keep reading the advice of the experts.

The most common thing is that everything goes well, that is why in the final stage and as the home buying process progresses, dreams begin to be visualized . New illusions are born and the desire to disembark in the new property multiplies. But beware! There is a danger that can affect our health and the prevailing optimism. That risk is called moving and it can destroy our patience and get us off on the wrong foot in the new house. What should be the house of our dreams.

To prevent this from happening at Gilmar, we have reinforced the company’s after- sales area . Because we cannot allow a problem in the last stretch of the purchase of a house to leave a bad taste in the mouth. We offer a comprehensive and personalized service so that the client does not have to worry about anything. Discover Gilmar’s solutions for a move with all the guarantees.

If we do not want to take risks in the move and that our dreams end in nightmares , pay attention to the following recommendations before moving. And don’t leave anything to chance !

Experience gives us the keys to a good organization

The key to a successful move is ORGANIZATION . An organization that must be glimpsed at all times and that must have a meaning. There is no other formula if you want to avoid headaches, as well as losses or damage.

The combination of organization + time is a winning formula. Based on our years of experience in the real estate sector, we can list a series of factors to take into account when facing a move:

Define the exact day of the move

Choosing the exact day of the move is not a minor issue, therefore, the sooner you choose the day, the more time you will have to prepare things. And time is going to be a great ally for the success of the task. To determine the exact day (and even the time) we have to look at the difficulties or possibilities of parking in both homes (origin and destination). If you have to ask for a license at the town hall to transit or to reserve specific places, you have to take into account the days of bureaucracy, response and paperwork.

The chosen day will mark the countdown also in terms of economic optimization . If we are rented, we must inform the landlord from which day we leave the house free, analyzing the existence of clauses in the rental contract of notice period. If we have subscribed a mortgage in the new house, it is important to coordinate the dates and delay the first installments to avoid paying both houses at the same time.

Cleaning on the exact day of the move

Both the house that we leave and the new house that we are going to acquire must have a thorough cleaning , which will be after the move in the house that we leave and before in the new one. Coordinating this task with the move is a task that is often not valued, but it is essential.

Speaking of cleaning, moving is the best time to clean out your closet and get rid of those clothes you always keep just in case… but never wear. If you haven’t missed him in the last two years, it’s not worth the trip to the new house.

Organized move

Save time and space by recycling furniture and clothes that you no longer use, so you can focus on what really matters, or what you think will be useful and used in the new property.

box by box

Don’t be afraid to start packing the first things very soon . That yes, identify everything that you will need the last days and leave it aside in a place that does not bother. As you go putting things in their corresponding boxes, go numbering each box and writing down the content of each of them in a document. It is very useful to create a spreadsheet file to keep track of each box.

Make sure you have different sizes and characteristics of the boxes to store things. Look for safer and more reinforced boxes and mark with a FRAGILE those boxes that store material that can break. In addition, those boxes with more personal and valuable objects must be identified and stored correctly.

The house, ready

Take advantage of the days before the move to review the state of the facilities and make the necessary repairs in both homes. Leave the house as you found it, and contemplate extra deadlines for the work commissioned in the house to be finished.

We have already seen how to organize the furniture and the boxes of clothes and belongings that will accompany us to the new home. To avoid the slightest disappointment, you can order the service directly from Gilmar and enjoy your new home from the first minute.

The importance and need to have the help of professionals who serve as guides and help in the preparation and review of documents is vital. That is why at Gilmar we increasingly believe in the value of our help and offer comprehensive and personalized advice with our after-sales services , finding a solution to any need you may have before, during and after the purchase or sale of your home. You want to know more?

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