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How to beat a heat wave and save electricity

The evening of the year has arrived: being cool at home, against the rise in electricity price(which also does not stop rising). In Spain, throughout the summer heat waves are recurrent . That’s why we bring you tips to save and be fresh.

High temperatures are even bad for the health of children, the elderly and people with high blood pressure. That’s why the cool thing goes beyond comfort. Problem? Many times we do not turn on theair-conditioning or the fan for fear of electricity bill.

Thus, we find ourselves with a problem that in principle has an easy solution, but that inflation has complicated to the point of absurdity. Can’t we cool off without consuming? Well actually yes . You’re going to have to squeeze the coconut, but it’s not impossible

Tips for the heat wave this summer

It is important to take into account the differences in terms of the energy consumption of the appliances that help us beat the heat. How much electricity does the air conditioner, fan or climate control consume?

Then think about times and moments. In other words, don’t forget about market price variations if you are in regulated market in the tariff index, and that you take into account the inertia to cut the minutes or hours of operation.

Air conditioning consumption

The answer to this question may vary depending on different factors. Among them is the age of the device. Obviously, the older the air conditioner, the less efficient will be and more light will consume.

And in the same vein, the higher the power of your engine, the higher the consumption too . In fact, you can calculate the consumption of your air conditioning based on the wattage of your motor.

Air Conditioning Engine

A normal air conditioner consumes between 0.15 and 1 euro per day (approximate measure, since it can vary depending on hours, power and capacity). To make this calculation, it is best to check the price of electricity each day.

Multiply the number of hours that you will have the air working by the power consumption . With this data, you multiply it again by the price of the kWh of the day and the result is the increase that it will mean in your electricity bill at the end of the month.

If you still choose to use an air conditioner to have a cool temperature during the heat wave, you should also take into account these tips about its maintenance.

Air conditioning maintenance to save energy in the heat wave

Check that the refrigerant circuits (the tubes through which the refrigerant circulates between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit) are properly insulated. You will lose energy and efficiency if they are deteriorated or in poor condition.

In turn, look at the device’s air filters . Before turning it on, check that they are clean and in correct condition. If the filters are clogged, the equipment will be less efficient and will need more power to cool the same as before.

Similarly, experts recommend checking and cleaning filters twice a year . Not only for the efficiency of the equipment but also for the quality of the air it emits. All this will allow you to put the air without leaving a fortune in the heat wave.

Better to use a fan?

The classic. We all have a fan in our house for summer days. These appliances barely 0.90 kWh per hour . So that we understand each other, approximately 10 euros per month having it plugged in 10 hours a day.

What about the ceiling fanIts consumption is lower (around 60 kWh) and the bill would only increase its price by just over 5 euros per month. All this can vary depending on the power of each fan or the speed you use.

ceiling fan control

Even if it consumes little, do not leave the fan on “to cool the room” when you leave. The fan does not reduce the temperature of the space, it simply creates current. And think that during the heat wave what it will do is move air at a high temperature.


What about the air conditioner?

Although its use is less compared to the other two options, it is also a good technique to cool down when temperatures are high . These appliances have a power of between 80 and 150 W. They are in the middle point in terms of consumption and performance.

If we calculate what its consumption is in euros, using it 10 hours a day would mean an expense of between 10 and 15 euros per month , somewhat higher than the fan.


Other domestic tips to combat the heat wave at home

So far what you can do to combat the heat wave with electricity . But what about the advice of a lifetime? Obviously, 30 years ago our grandparents were also facing this problem without so much technology. Well, there is an answer.

  • Curtains and blinds tightly closed . Almost 30% of the heat enters through the windows. Good weather invites you to open them wide, but that only makes our house warmer. To do? Keep the curtain closed and the blinds down.
  • Create currents inside the house . Do it carefully because you could end up with slamming doors and broken glass. The perfect time to open the windows in different parts of the house and ventilate is either first thing in the morning or at night.
  • And at night? To fall asleep during a heat wave, it is best to use cotton sheets, as they allow air to breathe. You can also try putting bags or bottles of cold water inside it the previous hours.
  • Watching Netflix at three in the afternoon with your laptop on your lap is crazy. If you want to use the computer, we recommend that you place it on conductive or breathable surfaces, and that you shorten your sessions.

Yes, it is true that not even with all this will you be able to end the heat wave . But at least you won’t spend a week suffering. Oh, and remember to choose the most efficient appliances to minimize the increase in your bill.

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