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Here are the Best Tools to Make Window Cleaning Effortless

Window cleaning is both a necessity and an absolute pain. Although most people associate window cleaning with aesthetics, it’s needed for more than just looks. If you forget to clean your windows for extended periods of time, you might find mold, allergen, and dirt buildup, which could lead to fragile and/or shattered windows.

As such, it’s surprisingly important to make sure your windows are cleaned at least twice per year. While you can clean them every time they appear dirty, it’s recommended to clean a window at least once every six months or so. Without that little effort, you could unintentionally bring about broken windows, messes, mold, and more.

Unfortunately, however, we know that it isn’t a little effort to clean windows. While ground floor windows are hard enough to take care of, it gets harder the further up you go. Even worse, without the right tools, window cleaning can not only be difficult, but even dangerous. After all, who wants to clean a window 20 feet in the air with nothing but paper towels and some cleaner?

Fortunately for you, there are more than a few tools that make window cleaning effortless. And, even more fortunately, we’ve gathered a list of five. So, here they are!

  • 2-in-1 Squeegee and Scrubber

A necessity for any cleaning endeavor, a 2-in-1 cleaner can serve more than one purpose. I mean, it’s in the name, after all. Nonetheless, when dealing with window cleaning, many people don’t appreciate just how much easier a dedicated scrubber can be. After some soap and water, these fuzzy tools can quickly turn a mess into success.

However, the squeegee is where things really kick up a notch – after scrubbing the dirt and grime off with some soap, water, and a 2-in-1 scrubber, you can squeegee the water and soap off the window. And, like that, the window’s clean! 

  • Magnetic Window Cleaners

Magnetic window cleaners are essential for people with opening windows, which means they’re great for most people. These useful tools come in two parts – a magnet which goes on the inner side of your window, and a cleaning tool that goes on the outside.

You’d sud-up the outer sponge/cleaner, using the inside magnet to move around the outside sponge to clean up your window. To use them, all you need to do is open your window, hold the magnet up to the window from the inside, and put the sponge on the other side. That’s it.

  • High-Reach Kits

A major issue for many amateur (and professional) window cleaners is the height of most windows. While people in ground floor buildings or with short cars can make do with nothing more than a squeegee and a scrubber, others need a ladder to reach their windows.

Or a high-reach kit. These kits usually hold a long, extendable rod and a duster or scrubber. When using one, all you’ll need to do is extend the arm with an attachment on the end. Most kits reach 10 to 20 feet, meaning that the windows that were once out of reach, figuratively and literally, are now just a stretch away. As long as you don’t need to clean a 30-foot-high window.

  • Hose-end Cleaning Liquid

While nearly everyone has heard of Windex or another window cleaner, have you heard of a hose-end cleaner? If you have, then great! If not, then say hi to one of the easiest window cleaners ever. 

These bottles of cleaner connect to a hose, which you screw on, before being used to spray down windows. Most formulas are ammonia-free, streak-free, and usually clean really quickly. And, once it’s connected to a hose, all you need to do is turn on the hose and spray down the windows. After a few minutes, you go back over with water, and you’re done!

  • Window Vacuum

Lastly, we have something that I hadn’t heard of for quite a while: a window cleaner vacuum. These wireless cleaners are handheld, holding cleaner, a sprayer, squeegee, and vacuum. It’s an all-in-one package and works remarkably well.

As everything’s wrapped in one package, all you need to do is spray down the window (with the vacuum), wipe the window with the attached cleaner, and then use the vacuum to suck up the solution. 

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