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What are the Advantages of Safety Trainers over Safety Boots?

What are the Advantages of Safety Trainers over Safety Boots?

An increasing number of businesses have mandated safety footwear throughout their operations in order to make sure that their staff members are kept both safe and productive. 

The traditional type of safety boots can be very heavy and may not be appropriate for particular work environments or circumstances. The result of this is an increase in the popularity and availability of safety trainers that still have the same anti-slip and steel toe features that are provided by traditional safety boots. 

Safety trainers have a number of advantages over traditional safety boots, although they may not be fit for purpose in some instances. 


One of the primary advantages of safety trainers over safety boots is comfort. Safety trainers are often a lot more comfortable to wear than is the case with boots, particularly for those who have to spend long periods of time on their feet. 

Many safety trainers are based upon the insoles and outsoles of sports shoes, which are very comfortable and known for the amount of support they provide. 


Safety trainers tend to be a lot less bulky and smaller in size than traditional safety boots, as well as being significantly more lightweight. Some safety trainers can weigh just 500g, while some safety boots can weigh as much as 800g, which is a considerable difference. 

When this weight saving is multiplied by the average number of steps a worker is likely to take over the course of just one single work day, it is not difficult to see how this would result in a considerable reduction in worker fatigue. 

Less irritating

High-cut boots can be very irritating to many people, particularly around the leg or ankle. Because safety trainers make use of a low-cut style, this results in a great reduction in irritation. 


There are many ranges of safety trainers that do not make use of any materials made from leather, which makes them convenient for use by vegans. 

Corporate appearance

Managers or executives who may have to “walk the floor” may feel it inappropriate for them to wear safety boots, but safety trainers can be found in a corporate or ‘dress’ style. These can also be useful for office workers who may require safety cap protection. 

Greater protection for food workers

Safety trainers intended for use by those who work in the hospitality industry are also available. These types of safety trainers do not come with laces while providing increased protection from the likes of chemicals and oils and other associated hospitality workplace hazards.


On the downside, safety trainers are usually less durable than is the case with the like of leather safety boots. They also lack the side zips that make safety boots so easy to put on and do not provide ankle support. The level of comfort and protection offered by safety boots are still recommended in particular job roles and applications. 

Safety trainers can provide many of the benefits of safety boots while being lighter and more comfortable to wear, making them more appropriate for a variety of workplace conditions and situations. 

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