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What Does a Contemporary Indian Home Look Like

“8 Rules for a Contemporary Indian Home” by Deepak Chopra is an interesting little book. It has very few pages devoted to home decorating. This is a shame, since the bulk of the book is devoted to decorating the kitchen and dining room. It also has pages on interior design, furniture and architecture, gift giving, handicrafts, cookery, gardening, feng shui, and a few pages on cars.

The book is primarily a manual for yoga practitioners. There are eight chapters and they are practical, philosophical and introspective. This makes them excellent for beginners who want to learn about yoga while also reading about it. They will have a clear picture of the spiritual nature of the practice and not get confused by the theory.

The practical chapters cover how to prepare for yoga, the types of clothing suitable for yoga sessions, how to keep fit while meditating, how to cleanse the body after yoga sessions, how to meditate properly and how to meditate in a pool. There is also a short chapter on the diet that is useful for people who want to lose weight or maintain their health. In addition there are several chapters on chanting and the meaning of mantras. These are all good for beginners and provide a solid introduction. The next two books that I would recommend to someone learning about hatha yoga are “The Essence of Yoga” by Bhagavati Swarup and “The Art of Yoga” by Deepak Chopra.

The words “hatha yoga” and “eight limbs” have been deliberately omitted from the title to emphasize the emphasis on meditative practice. The emphasis on meditation is carried through throughout the text. At the end of each chapter there is a set of exercises designed to increase concentration, flexibility and strength. The eight limbs include but are not limited to meditation, self-inquiry, concentration, self-awareness, intuition, energy flow, visualization and intuition. With these concepts, one can understand that the focus of this book is on the development of self-knowledge and learning how to apply it to one’s daily life.

A lot of people have seen the movie, “Yoga with Dr. Premalitus”. Although not specifically about yoga, I thought it was interesting how the author, P.G. 45, describes his approach to the discipline. This is an important part of the healing art and there is no question that Dr. Premalitus knows what he is talking about.

Meditation involves sitting still and allowing thoughts to come and go from your consciousness. It involves relaxing and being still. Yoga has become popular over the years as people seek to attain inner peace and harmony. There is no question that those who practice Yoga experience greater levels of calm, emotional well-being and sense of oneness with all beings. One of the keys to attaining inner peace and harmony is allowing thoughts to pass through you gently without resistance.

The word “yoga” comes from the Indian language “yuj” which means to unite. The meaning is very simple. Yoga unites the body, the mind and the spirit. Yoga practitioners believe that by practicing Yoga regularly you will be able to achieve a higher degree of spirituality and inner peace. By living a more harmonious life a person can live a more abundant life.

This is a wonderful little book on Yoga that would make a great gift for anyone who wants to better understand Yoga and its practices. Dr. Premalitus has done an exceptional job of presenting the many facets of Yoga in a clear and concise manner. Anyone who values their mind and health should consider purchasing this book. I know I do.

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