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Top Construction Companies In India

If you are planning to start a construction business in India, then you must know about the top construction companies that are established in the country. It is not easy to find the company that meets your requirement as there are numerous construction firms in India that compete with each other. So it is always better to do the proper research in this regard and find out the best company that fits your requirement. Some of the leading companies that are internationally recognized are DLF, Omaxe, Ansal, Emaar, Esha, Kolkata-based ThyssenKrupp Access, Unitech, Tata-led DLF India, Essar Group, Reliance, Aditi, Damanagar, Hiranandani Contractors, and Eros Company.

The market share of these leading companies is increasing day by day in India. With their presence, competition in the field is also increasing in the market. If we talk about market share, then cement is one of the most important raw materials that India’s construction business depends on. India’s cement industry has major importance in the country and it contributes almost 50% of the total cement market share. Therefore, these top 10 construction companies in India are benefited by high market share.

While doing research for a list of top construction companies in India, you must know about the major sectors like construction of residential buildings, infrastructure projects like dams, highways, expressways, and commercial projects like malls, sky scrapers, and office complexes etc. Residential building projects in India comprise of residential houses, flats, bungalows, villas, townhouses etc. The other top sectors include commercial projects like malls, skyscrapers, office complexes, and hotels. After considering these factors, the sectors that are going to contribute towards the overall cement business in India are concrete products, crushing agents, finishing agents, construction material supply, mechanical drafting and machineries, chemicals, petroleum and allied products, power producers, quarry workers, asphalt, slabs, sludge, stone, granite blocks, tile, countertops, cladding, masonry, and water proofing.

Apart, from residential buildings, commercial establishments in India make use of a wide range of construction materials. As per the research conducted, Indian construction business is witnessing a considerable growth with the help of various construction equipment like cranes, welding machines, welding products, welding services, mechanical drafting, power tools, and heavy and medium machinery. To cater to the requirements of customers across the globe, India ltd has its wide range of steel products. Steel products of India and are the world leaders when it comes to the total sales of steel in the world. As per research results, the Indian steel industry is the third largest producer of steel in the entire world.

Besides construction business, Indian construction companies are consistently working towards bringing innovative designs and advanced technologies to improve the quality of life. Their services include infrastructure projects like bridges, roads, tunnels, buildings, dams, industrial parks, residential communities, commercial complexes, and airport terminals. These projects include projects like airport, marine park, railroads, digital city, telecommunication sector, integrated townships, information technology, automotive industry, and financial institutions. Apart from infrastructure development, India is also making efforts to improve its global image as the leading player in the field of science and technology. With numerous innovations taking place in the fields of technology, India is successfully emerging as a key player in the IT sector.

Other than residential houses and commercial spaces, major infrastructure projects include metro rail, high-speed rail, bullet trains, high-tech expressways, and new port and airport projects. Besides all these, there are numerous other high-tech developments happening in India. Major metro rail facilities in India have successfully made a mark in the world. Now it has become possible for passengers to travel between the main cities using high-speed rail.

Apart from infrastructure development, India has also made significant contributions in the sphere of science and technology. The various projects like space research, space vehicle, satellite, communication satellite, nuclear research, and biomedical research have been executed by Indian Engineering infrastructure companies. Besides this, various high-tech innovations have also taken place in the field of electronics and technology. Moreover, in the field of Information and Communications, the Indian IT giant, TCS, has created a stir among various players across the world. As per their global rankings, TCS has achieved first position in several countries. Some of the notable names of Indian infrastructure companies that have created a global impact in the field of science and technology are DLF, Omaxe, Hasi, Hiranandani, Emaar, Infosys, ICICI, Envirex, Reliance, Tata, and Videocon.

It is believed that construction and engineering are a result of the intermixing of various structural engineering disciplines and techniques. Today, India has emerged as one of the most promising construction hubs in the world. In Mumbai, for example, the demand for construction-related activities like housing, malls, shopping malls, etc. is increasing continuously. Besides these, there is a constant rise in demand for construction-related activities in Mumbai including commercial construction, residential building, infrastructure, industrial set up, and rehabilitation.

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