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The Most Important Statistics About Social Media Advertising

If you want to know the truth about social media advertising then here it is. The most important statistics about social media advertising are those that show how little they cost. These statistics do not lie and there is plenty of proof to back this up. So many companies have been able to trim their budgets on advertising because they have saved so much money in the process. In fact, if this continues to continue then next year there might not be as much advertising budget left.

So why do they do this? Well there are two main reasons that it works. Firstly, by targeting your audience, by knowing who you are targeting you can be sure that the majority of your demographic will be interested in your product or service. Secondly by knowing your demographic you can create effective advertising campaigns that target these people specifically and save even more money.

There is one question that we all need to ask ourselves and that is why are we allowing the largest number of businesses to waste billions of dollars a year on ineffective advertising? Are we really that out of touch with our own personal financial realities? This isn’t rocket science we are just simply doing everything the way we were taught and sadly it is costing us a lot of dollars. Did you know that the average family spends four hundred dollars a month on “advertising” which means the major businesses make almost nine hundred dollars in one single year? Do you think that is fair to our fellow citizens?

So the most important statistics about social media advertising are those that show how much money is being spent and saved. That is right, saving tens of thousands of dollars a month on a regular basis. Now compare this to what you are currently spending on advertising. If you were to go online and look at some of the websites that are spending the most money on advertising than by far you will see that they are using certain key phrases or words in order to attract people and get them to click on their advertisements and the best part is that these advertisements don’t cost anything!

Now, what about another great point about the most important statistics about social media advertising and that is that it is all FREE. When was the last time you got an advertisement for something that was free? I mean honestly it isn’t just a matter of getting a business website up and running. Most businesses will invest thousands of dollars in order to be able to advertise and if you aren’t willing to invest a few hundred dollars yourself you should have your head taken off right there. I mean if you don’t like free things are they even good for you? Of course not!

Now the second most important statistics about social media advertising are those that show the ROI that a business owner is able to get from the advertising that they are doing. This means things like, do they see immediate increases in their web traffic or do they see a slight increase one month and then see a drastic increase in the following month? The most important stat that can show you how effective your social media campaign is will be the following month stats. Just keep in mind that this doesn’t mean anything right now other than the fact that you have a marketing campaign going on. It will improve over time and you will be able to track it in order to determine just how effective your advertising really is.

The final most important statistics about social media advertising are those that show you the ROI in comparison to your competitors. You want to know how much each of your advertisement costs you and if they are getting you the results that you are after. The thing about these statistics is that they are usually based on you paying to access them. This can vary by each company so make sure to find out what their payment options are before spending any money.

There are many other statistics that can be found when you are looking at social media advertising and the ones listed above are the most important ones that you should keep an eye on. If you are going to take this route as your way to get your business out there, then make sure that you take all the necessary steps to ensure that you are going to succeed. This does not include spending money that you don’t have, which is the number one reason that many people quit their business before even reaching ten years. This means that you must be ready to invest in your business before you start it and if you aren’t, you shouldn’t be doing it.

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