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The Adaptation of Cloud Computing by the Enterprise

The Adaptation of Cloud Computing by the Healthcare Industry has given a new dimension to Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The concept of the cloud was taken up by the IT industry in the 1990s. The Healthcare sector started using this technology to implement various software applications. The most important advantage of cloud was its cost effectiveness. As a result of adoption of SaaS in Healthcare, several industry players came forward offering SaaS solutions.

The healthcare software can be used to generate reports, create dashboards, collect data, etc. Software can be written or in the form of an application and hosted by a platform. The most common way of using a SaaS application is as a service. This means that the same software will be available for free on the vendor’s website. However, after purchasing the software, a user will have to host the application on his own servers. The cost of these hosting servers depends on the level of the software and the amount of storage required.

Since a large number of organizations in the healthcare industry are adopting cloud computing, several vendors are entering into the market. In the past, most of these companies focused only on software development. They failed to focus on offering hosted services. The developers were of limited imagination and the infrastructure was minimal.

The Healthcare cloud computing solutions include Customer Management Software, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Software Defined Network (SDN), and Mobile Enterprise Application (Meca). These applications help in managing and implementing healthcare organization’s workflow. Companies who are providing these solutions include BrowsingPoint, Capiche, Clientside, Conectiva, eDL Inc., Fortius, I-ococarex, Ketera, Megaputer, neuroma, SmartSoft, Unwired Solutions, Versaverse, and Whitefield.

EMR is an application used in managing a patient’s medical information. This application enables a hospital or other health care organization to maintain data from multiple sources such as digital x-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, and digital blood count devices. This data can be used for various purposes such as billing, scheduling, or simply analyzing data. This application also allows the management of patient’s medications and records.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) refers to the process of connecting to external networks, including the Internet and internal networks, using software that define the relationships among the systems. This approach has significant advantages over traditional software deployment. The first advantage is that data can be automatically and reliably communicated between the cloud application and the remote sites. The second advantage is that this software offers more efficient use of network resources such as bandwidth and power. Cloud software also offers more secure data transmission and more efficient management of the network topology.

In the last decade, cloud computing has gained increasing importance. It helps organizations minimize IT costs by automating processes and improving service quality. Today, nearly all large and small businesses are using these software solutions to improve productivity, generate savings, and simplify business processes. Large companies reap significant cost reductions through improved efficiency and reduced waste through the use of software as a service (SaaS), content delivery network (CDN), and application service providers (ASP).

The rapid expansion of cloud computing technology is expected to accelerate in the next few years. Enterprises are realizing the benefits of EMR, SDN, and CPO in a more practical way. These solutions are now more easily available at lower costs due to more flexible technical choices, easier implementation, more intelligent design, and better vendor support. As adoption of these technologies continues to accelerate, businesses will realize additional opportunities to optimize their use of these applications. They will also find more ways to reduce costs and improve productivity.

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