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Our 5 Favorite Dining Room Table Centerpieces

After all that’s been said and done, I am often asked what my favorite dining room table centerpiece is. It seems that every time I talk to a friend who owns one, they have a completely different story than the next person regarding their favorite centerpiece. This can make for an interesting conversation piece as we all have different personalities and dining room tables are no exception.

One of my personal favorites is the clear glass vase with candles. You simply can’t go wrong with this centerpiece. There is just something about seeing a clear glass vase with candles that brings back memories. It is such a simple centerpiece that it fits into any type of home or dining room.

Another favorite of mine is the whimsical ceramic frogs. For me these are perfect centerpiece ideas. They bring a whimsical tone to the table and are very inexpensive. We have even done some food themed candlelight dinners at my house!

Another table centerpiece that is perfect for fall and winter nights is the ever popular snowman. These are very cute and fun to place on the table during the holidays. They really add to the spirit of the holiday and make for a great photo opportunity as the lights are dimmed. My husband loves these decorations and we enjoy having them during the holidays.

Perhaps the sweetest centerpiece that we have chosen for our holiday dinner decorations is a snowflake themed wedding anniversary cake. The timing of this cake was perfect as my husband and I were getting married in January and the first snowfall of the winter. We wanted to celebrate our anniversary with a decorative dessert that would be meaningful for both of us. We chose to have a very basic cake on which the snowman was carved. This cake also went over well at our daughters’ wedding as well.

When fall hits, it’s time to move on from the slightly chirpy nature of spring and start thinking about dark and rich centerpieces for the table. The best way to do this is to think about the different season styles and what type of food you will serve. Centerpieces come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Our dining room had black and white plates and silverware. We chose centerpieces that matched the decor perfectly and looked like they belonged together. We have enjoyed being able to serve winter favorites like pumpkin pie and apple cider since our centerpiece was so easy to match with the rest of our table decorations.

For our dinner parties we have enjoyed using chocolate colored candles that our guests can light while they are eating their meal. Some candles look better lit in a different way than others, so it’s a matter of personal taste. One of the ways that we have enjoyed putting the candles out for guests to light as they come in through the doors is by attaching them to empty egg cartons with a hot glue gun. This has been a great way for us to provide a little extra decoration for the tables without having to spend money on buying more decorative candle holders.

Finally there is one type of centerpiece that we have found that fits both the spirit of fall and our style of dining. If you love the look of old fashioned wicker baskets then you should really consider setting up a clear acrylic bowl centerpiece on your dining table. These wicker baskets are very inexpensive and can be easily found at local craft stores. Once they are set up you can then add small plants or flowers to enhance the overall look and feel of your table.

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