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Modern kitchen design ideas

Trends in kitchen and style

Keys, the most current designs. The style of the furniture or its distribution, as we have already mentioned, are some key aspects in kitchen design. The most modern and current kitchen designs can give us some clues and suggestions to decorate without the need to go to a professional.

We observe in shop windows and decoration magazines the style of contemporary kitchens that are consolidated in clear trends united with the rest of the house without physical borders, movements of continuity open with great fluidity to the dining room, living room and exterior.

Fashion trends are adapted to personal uses, respecting the distribution and preserving current airs.

1.- Flexibility in kitchen materials

design kitchen has to give off functionality in all its materials and a surprising aesthetic taste, attending to ergonomics with mixtures of good lighting and resistant and durable materials.

materials in kitchens
Combinations of stainless steel workbenches, workshop modules to maintain order added to stone, corian, zodiaq, solid wood or lamicolor countertops with curved line finishes. Glass, aluminum and steel are the right proposals for a kitchen with an aseptic and contemporary character.

2.- Lightness in the kitchen furniture

Find storage solutions with internally lit removable columns for weekly or monthly purchases, and designed to also store crockery or glassware.

Drawers with sliding systems with straight sides and anodized aluminum, with a soft closing system in two heights, are practical and simple options that have been practiced for a long time in the decoration of dining rooms . All of this will provide us with a perfect setting for order and quality of life. Remember the famous phrase “Less is more.”

3.- General ecological sensitivity with the installation of the kitchen

Furniture manufacturers offer their products with minimal consumption of raw materials and energy, long life, recycling and non-toxic finishes that guarantee us total freedom in the choice of finishes. If we look at the energy consumption table:

electrodomesticos energy consumption

We will quickly realize the importance of household appliances in the kitchen; The oven, dishwasher, or the different types of refrigerators that we buy are what they really consume. So be careful where we spend the money!

With the help of free-standing columns or cabinets it will allow us to hide a refrigerator, an oven or a microwave. Shutter enclosures for the small format and thus obtain a continuous surface appearance.

In addition, hiding all the electrical appliances from view, the concealment of these will allow us in the daytime area to isolate it from the noise they may cause.

4.- Modularity and functionality in kitchen equipment

Choosing the latest technological trends in appliances is important when choosing the style of your kitchen. An example of the latest in kitchen technology :

Extractor hoods with elliptical geometries made of aluminum and glass materials; refrigerators with climatic zones divided inside for better preservation of your food; steamed ovens for roasting and gratin, keep food warm and achieve precise cooking.

5.- Naturalness and beauty within the environment

The kitchen environment has to be a family meeting point where everyone finds their place inside. It has to fit its owner perfectly, reflecting his life in it with an individual and independent style.

A space to cook, eat and socialize, an exquisite room to bring happiness in our lives without great costs and unattainable signatures.

kitchen style
Via Avani

We will not only reflect the taste for decoration but internally we will grow as our needs and the inhabitants who live in that place grow. You want a place to cook but also one more motivation to live and enjoy your home.

6.- Well-being and coherence in the final result of the new kitchen

It is increasingly difficult for us to reach that glass on the top shelf or that pot at the bottom of the cabinet. It is not always possible to enjoy breakfast and after-dinner all the time that one wants with all the calm in the world when we are in this part of the house.

comfortable kitchens

If we think that a little more light would give it life, a better organization would be more comfortable and easier to clean…. Why not improve it to enjoy it to the fullest?

You need to find a balance between kitchen design and lifestyle. The appropriate colors will be searched (See meanings of the colors in this article ), integrating the necessary lighting and finding the accessories that best suit the room (Shelves, sink, appliances, etc).

Practical advice on trends for kitchens

  • Lighting can take center stage, differentiating the work area from the office area in a localized way, enhancing objects or furniture. Pendant lamps are a source of ambient light and will highlight the place where they are placed, recessed spotlights increase direct light at the points that you want to highlight. (We can learn more from the article on current and LED lighting )
  • A simple change will be to update the curtains helping to modify the image; Roman shades are ideal for their decorative richness, they adapt to the measurements of the windows and allow lighting control; it will be important that the chosen fabrics are resistant and easy to wash.
  • It should be ensured, and it is advisable, that the office area is located next to the window to invite natural light to enter, and thus, reinforce the feeling of a unique environment.
plants in the kitchen
  • Flowers and plants can be considered, which can add color and also perfume the place. Playing to combine them with other objects of the same color such as lamps, curtains or covers, is a good idea; the floral centers allow to give a decorative and vital color effect, the standing flowers are another option to decorate the abandoned corners.

How to calculate a kitchen renovation budget

On the Internet we have different tools and applications to see  how much it costs to reform a kitchen  and obtain a more or less detailed guideline budget.

To get a general idea of ​​the cost of the works, we are going to see a useful application.

As we want to provide quality, professionalism and offer a tool that really adds value, we will have to go to the IVE (Valencian Building Institute) tool .

It works on a basis of fully updated construction prices per year and has a useful and easy-to-use application to give us a real guide value and possible reforms at home. (We can also save and print the budget)

kitchen reform budget

With a decoration full of ideas, proposals and decorative secrets, you can get a new kitchen, practical and comfortable, without having to change the furniture if it is not necessary.

Look for offers of kitchens for sale! There are many and, above all, in change of season or renovation of shop windows, there you can buy interesting things.

More than 100 photos to inspire you with good ideas

Although we often have an idea of ​​what we want, looking at other projects and images can give us more inspiration. So we leave some websites where you will find good photographs of modern kitchens to catch a good idea, there are users who have a lot of imagination!

photographs and images of modern kitchens to inspire us

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