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The order of the home is one of the things that most people worry about. Why? When entering any house , the presentation of it is what counts, so it depends on you whether others get a good or bad impression.

When talking about an orderly house , it is not only about keeping everything in its place, but also about the decoration and distribution of the furniture, since these also influence to achieve the desired objective.

Tips to make your house look clean and in order

Eliminate what does not work

Unfortunately we have a hard time getting rid of things, but you must. Remember that things are not forever; sometimes they are only temporary because they are fashionable, others wear out with use, and finally, there are those that we simply no longer use. It is essential to do a thorough cleaning. This will help you have more storage space.

The less the better

Minimalism is successful in any home decor no matter what style you choose. It makes things stand out more than those around you. Many times, placing multiple decorative items will make the home look small and cluttered rather than neat and clean.

Choose a style

There are an infinite number of styles today and combining several sounds fun, dynamic and original to decorate your house or apartment. But this does not work, if you want your house to look neat. The most advisable thing is that you choose one, the one that you like the most and that is fashionable.

Opt for symmetry

This is essential to have order. It is not about being obsessive and placing things by colors, sizes, among other things, but that there is a balance. Just try to match the lines and angles of the paintings, lamps, mirrors, and other decorative items.

Shelves and drawers

Any of these options allow you to store things and at the same time maintain order and organization within the home. There is an infinity of options of these, in terms of size, shape and color for all tastes and needs.

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