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Ideas to beautify your terrace

If you are one of the lucky ones who have beautify your terrace in the city, take advantage of it so that it is where you can relax! With these simple elements you will transform it into that chill out space that you needed.

According to a survey carried out by Inmuebles24 during the pandemic, users commented that areas such as terraces, balconies and gardens are inside the home the spaces in which they experienced positive sensations since they allow contact with the outside without the need to leave home .

These amenities that have also become the most sought after for those who are in the process of renting or buying a new home. So if you have one, make the most of it with these tips.

1) Armchairs

The most basic thing is that you find a piece of furniture to sit on . You can go to the traditional ones for two or the corner ones, which allow you to raise your legs. Although you can also choose a swing type to swing.

2) Chairs

If what you are looking for is something more individual, the mesh or cushion ones are the solution you were looking for. But if yours is something softer and where you can lose yourself for hours , bean bag chairs are an option.

3) Cushions

There are different sizes, colors and textures that give a cheerful and different touch to your terrace , as well as comfort when you use them. In department stores they sell some with beautiful phrases and drawings.

4) Blankets

Invest a little time in buying a thick one that can cover you from the cold and more with the low temperatures that are coming. There are different materials and thicknesses in fabrics, think about which one is right for you .

5) Tables

And since we are on the subject, a table for your drinks would be ideal. You can be creative and use other furniture that is in your house and not buy a new one. Take into account the weight that they can bear on their surfaces so that you do not have any dislike.

6) Plants

Your terrace would not be complete without them, they give life to this space and those that require a lot of sun are ideal. Get advice from someone who knows about plants and can recommend some that do not require much care.

To place them along your balcony, you can help yourself with unusual elements such as vases, wooden boxes or glass jars. The idea is that it be as original as possible and complement the style of your terrace.

7) Accessories

And it would not hurt to decorate the walls with small pictures, ceramic pieces or hang those garden lights to make it more cozy .

With these simple tips you can give that place a makeover and relax after work. Let it be a space of yours and not an eternal warehouse for lost and found.

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