How to increase the value of your house before selling it?

  • How to increase the value of your house before selling it?

Making the decision to sell a house to acquire a better one —or invest that money in a business or several properties— brings with it the premise of obtaining a good profit from that transaction, even greater than the investment, thanks to the capital gain.

Although the value of properties tends to increase over time, it is important to consider that proper maintenance of these is the key so that their cost does not decrease. Home staging is a very common practice in Europe that could help you get a good deal.

What is Home Staging?

It could be said that in Spanish it means “a house staged” and refers to preparing a property to be sold, especially to increase its value and the interest of potential buyers.

It should be noted that it is not a decoration project , as it is carried out according to personal and specific tastes; while home staging depersonalizes the house to the maximum and neutralizes it so that anyone can imagine living in it, showing a magazine photograph.

Among its main attributes the following stand out.

✧ Make the home more attractive
✧ Encourage purchase decision making
✧ Improve the price of the property in less time

home equity sell property

Increase the value of your home before selling it with these tips.

How to renovate your house and increase its price?

If you want to sell your house or apartment and want to increase its price, take a look at the following tips.

➢ Dispose of personal items. The depersonalization of the property is key in this process. It is important to create neutrality in the aspect of the house to be able to conquer all the interested parties.

➢ Repair details and renew. Identify all the details that require some repair and get to work . Remember that those interested will review in great detail and everything that is in poor condition will have a negative effect on their decision.

Although you don’t need to make a large investment, it is worth investing in small repairs to increase its value. For example:

● Paint and cracks. Check the walls, repair any cracks you find, and paint the house in neutral colors for more lighting.

● Window and door hardware. Check the condition of the metal elements of doors and windows. If they are damaged, replace them. 

● Water taps. Make sure the keys are not broken, leaking, excess scale, or rust. 

● Waterproofing. If you notice moisture problems in walls or ceilings, we recommend calling an expert before waterproofing.

➢ Pay attention to cleanliness and order. Before showing the property, do a deep cleaning and get rid of anything that may give an impression of disarray. Do not forget to rearrange the furniture, place the decorative objects in such a way that a perception of order is achieved and generate greater space and lighting.

Once your property is impeccable, the ideal will be to invest in a professional photo session , as well as look for a real estate portal that will help you publish the property, such as Inmuebles24 .

home equity sell property

The renovation of your property is key.

How much money do you need to renovate a property?

It is important to consider that the amount to be invested will depend on the repairs and repairs required by the property. If you need a loan to cover the remodeling of the property, we recommend applying for a liquidity loan with a mortgage guarantee .

At Smart Lending , the first 100% digital mortgage in Mexico, you can obtain a liquidity loan designed to meet this need; allowing the sale of the property once it has been remodeled – as long as part of the profit is destined to the total payment of the mortgage. In addition, there will be no type of prepayment penalty.

Get to know them and schedule a call with an advisor to find out more details.

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