When selling a home we want to do so at the best possible price and, although the property itself may increase in value over the years, there are recommendations that can be followed to improve its value.

It must also be taken into account, according to the Viva Ads website , that there are independent factors that intervene in the value of the property, among which are, for example:

Accessibility: it will always be a plus that there is more than one way to get to the house.

Is there an ideal time to buy a home?

Development: important future constructions, such as shopping centers or wide roads, improve the price at which properties are listed.

Maintenance: how it has been preserved and the best that are made to the home are also taken into account when determining its value.

What improvements increase the value of the home?

When valuing a home, there are elements to take into account, several of them can be improved and make the property value increase. These can be the following:


According to the website specialized in real estate Trovimap, the most popular amenities, including a garage, fireplace, view or patio increase the value of your home.

The house inside

How the house is inside, taking into account the quality and condition of floors, walls, windows, doors, appliances, countertops, fixtures and pipes, greatly affect the appraised value of your home.


Storage spaces are essential. If there is a wasted space, that may be a suitable place to locate a shelf.


Although it does not have a major influence on the price of the house, it can influence the purchase decision.

There is an oversupply of houses for sale and the demand is repressed and unstable in Ecuador

Viva Ads recommends that the floor be easy to clean or at least not easily destroyed.


An illuminated home will definitely improve the environment. If the house does not have large windows, they can add spotlights in each corner to maintain complete lighting. It is much better if the light is close to natural.


The finishes of a kitchen make the sale or rental price of a house more expensive, if you only have the budget to invest in a room, it is best to focus on this area. Remember that people are struck by a spacious, ventilated space with enough storage areas.


According to experts, the kitchen and bathroom reveal the age of the property, therefore, it would be important to improve its appearance. There are small changes that can make it look more modern and that will improve the value of the property.

It must be taken into account that the toilet is one of the most used spaces in the house and therefore its wear is greater.

With 12 containers a fabulous house was built that now costs $ 350,000

To avoid spending too much, it is best to focus on changing the bathroom furniture, expanding the size of the mirror and adding a cabinet where hygiene items can be stored.


To improve it without spending a lot of money, it is recommended to enable an area of ​​the property with plants that do not require much maintenance, sow grass in the backyard and place accessories to invite new owners to take advantage of it. (I)