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Home Safety: How to Make Your House Childproof

Home safety is a major concern for many families and individuals. One of the biggest concerns is that children in the home are vulnerable to everything from burglary, to a home invasion, and even suicide. In order to protect the family and keep the house secure, many experts recommend making the home childproof. There are some ways you can keep kids safe and ensure home protection. Some of these include:

Installing timers on your lights If you are not using your house lights for an extended period of time, consider having them disabled. This means that when they are turned off, they won’t come on automatically when you leave the house. This keeps a criminal thinking twice about breaking into your house. It is also a good way to keep burglars from simply walking right in without being noticed.

Door locks Many doors will come equipped with locks. If you have an older door, consider breaking it so it is more difficult for a criminal to pick it. Pickpocket keys can be used for this. You can also purchase an insulated door lock which keeps your kid safe from the cold. The last thing you want is your child getting cold and freezing as he or she tries to get inside.

Using a home alarm system Using a home security system is one of the best ways to provide top notch home protection. These systems are now wireless, so you do not have to run wires throughout your home. The cameras monitor your home from various locations. When someone breaks in, the camera can capture images of the person and alert local police. These systems will often alert the monitoring center where trained operators contact the police.

Childproofing the kitchen and bathroom Childproofing your home starts with childproofing the places where your children are most likely to spend time. Lock your bathroom and kitchen doors when you are away. Make sure your children cannot get into the computer or use the printer. This can help prevent the need for a home repairman when you need something repaired.

Getting a childproof door If you have doors that are already equipped with locking devices, install a childproof door. A keyless door works well because the child cannot open it without the proper code. It also helps keep small hands from being able to open the door. A deadbolt will work, too. Some doors are equipped with both, but remember that there is always a risk of people being able to force their way in through these.

Keeping your windows secure Even if you do not have children, you need to consider making your home more childproof by having enough window locks. This will help keep little hands from being able to open windows. There are some models on the market that come with magnetic locks, so they can’t be opened with a knife or other form of knife. These are typically good for upper openings only, but it still pays to have one of these locked up. Your home alarm should already be set up to sound an alarm if there is a breach, so this will protect you as well as the rest of your family.

Keeping your home secure is very important, whether you have small children or not. Children can present a threat to your entire family, so taking the necessary precautions can make you and your family feel more secure. It may mean you have to upgrade your home security system to cover more areas of your property, hire an alarm company to help protect you and your family and put in place ways of keeping your home childproof. These steps will help you feel safer, which is what any homeowner wants.

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