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Examples of Medium Sized Kitchens

Most of the time when people are asked about their own home they say that they like to keep it small but one of the first things you learn is that there are so many choices in terms of styles and sizes that it can be difficult to get started. It takes a long time to decide what sort of kitchen you want to get done. You will be faced with an array of choices for appliances, counter tops and storage. Here are some of the examples of medium-sized kitchens that we have completed in our homes.

This was a small kitchen located on the second floor of a modest home. The home owner enjoyed the benefits of the space planning because he was able to utilize the ceiling to create vertical storage space. There were many benefits of this plan but there were also some challenges including the amount of electrical outlets needed and a tight budget due to the size of the room. The biggest challenge we had to get the room done was the amount of space needed to accommodate the appliances and all the electrical wires that were going to be run through the walls. This was going to be a tight budget but the effort was well worth it. You can see the results of this room set up by clicking on the image.

This is another example of a small kitchen that was completed in our home by utilizing unused space. This kitchen was part of a home that we were purchasing because of the neighborhood where it was located. We were able to get the seller to lower the price a little bit but still maintained a fair value of the home. We were very pleased with the end result. The space was utilized in such a way that the family used that space for different reasons such as playing games and using the kitchen as a play room for the children.

This is an example of a large kitchen that was constructed by splitting the large room into smaller spaces. The kitchen area was separated by a sliding door. We used the wall space to add a bar and even incorporated the use of a stove into the space. It served a dual purpose.

This is an example of how the wall space can be effectively utilized when completing a kitchen. The kitchen cabinets were built to contain the appliances but there was enough wall space left to include a counter top. The bar area was tiled but again, enough wall space was retained to allow for the addition of the stove. In this case, the door to the attached garage was used to connect the two spaces. This saved quite a bit of money by eliminating the need for an additional door.

This is another example of a small but efficient kitchen. The refrigerator had the double doors as required by appliance specifications but had the space below it that could have been used for additional items such as ice trays or a cooling cart. This was an example of how using the right sized door for a certain function can save money by utilizing the space that would have otherwise been wasted. A similar type of refrigerator would not have been able to fit into the space so the counter depth option worked out well for us.

Here is an example of how medium sized kitchens can be completed in smaller budgets. The microwave oven was a popular appliance in our home but due to space constraints, we were unable to place it on the same level as the oven. The oven sat in the corner of the kitchen. The door used for opening the refrigerator also had the double doors required but since the refrigerator was on the lower level it required the same door as the oven.

One final example of medium-sized kitchens. The dishwasher was perfect for washing larger pans and pots but there just wasn’t enough room to place them in the center of the kitchen. A roll-top was used with two doorways to allow easy access from all sides. All of these examples showed how items could be fitted into a tighter space than usual and still have enough room to move around within the room. Medium sized kitchens need some imagination to design and even more creativity to consider the way they will be used.

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