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Elitetorrent, downloads in 2021: Alternatives if it doesn’t work again

Elitetorrent keeps trying to escape from those who chase it and who continually close the pages it opens. Considered by many to be the king of torrent downloads, this service is already working again, having stopped working several times in 2021.

However, in view of the big picture, it is possible that the next time you try to log in, you will see that Elitetorrent does not work. Make yourself comfortable because this article interests you: here we are going to tell you what Elitetorrent is, how to enter Elitetorrent in 2021 and what alternatives exist for downloading movies and other content.

What is Elitetorrent?

It is one of the most popular movie download services. It works through file sharing and the key to its success is its speed, simplicity and the huge catalog of series, films and documentaries that it has. With more than fifteen years old, it is one of the favorites by users, so when Elitetorrent does not work there is a panic.

Elitetorrent working again or not working? [2021]

It depends on when you read this article, unfortunately. The closure of Elitetorrent is something relatively “common”, but just as it falls (or rather, the service is closed), its managers raise it again in another domain.

To give you an idea, so far in 2021 we have already had Elitetorrent Li, Elitetorrent Bz and Elitetorrent Nl, which is the one that is currently operational.


7 Best Alternatives for Movie Downloads

It does not matter if you are looking for Elitetorrent alternatives, movie or series downloads, because it does not work or simply because you want to try other services. We tell you which are the best of the moment.

Pirate Bay:

It is the best alternative to Elitetorrent and another of the most popular services to download movies. In Pirate Bay they have a section for you to discover the latest news that has just arrived, in addition to categorizing all the content by theme. It’s easy to use and it works quite well, although like everyone else it has also had its own issues and has stopped working at some point, but for now it is on top.

Torrentz2 :

With a very similar operation to Pirate Bay, in Torrentz2 you can also have your own downloads of movies, series, documentaries and various videos. The best? It offers guarantees so that you are clear that you are not going to be taken for granted, since it works with a verified file system.


No, BestTorrent is not the best page to download torrents, even if the domain name indicates otherwise. But it has a very significant advantage over others: all its contents are in Spanish.


Estrenosok has the best of Pirate Bay, a wide catalog, with the most advantageous of MejorTorrent, the availability in Spanish. It is quite well structured and it is very easy to locate movies and series here. As we say, the best thing is that all the contents are in Spanish or in the original version but with subtitles in our language.


With advanced security patterns and ease of navigation, SeedPeer is a good alternative to Elitetorrent for those who like to be made easy.


Intuitive, easy on the eye and highly visual. This is DonTorrent, one of the Elitetorrent alternatives in 2021 that works very well.


For anime lovers this is one of the most popular torrent download portals. It also has movies and series, it is easy to navigate through it and its catalog is one of the most extensive on the internet.

Catalog of the new Elitetorrent

What does the catalog of the new Elitetorrent include in 2021? At the time of writing this article you have more than 17,000 movies and almost 30,000 episodes of series . For example, there are such popular names as Game of Thrones, I leave it when I want, While the war lasts, Superlopez or Aladdin.

You know:

the new Elitetorrent works in 2021, keeping its original essence: downloads of movies and series with good quality. But it is no longer the only option. There are other alternatives and here we have tried to let you know some of the best so that you have a choice in case you want to use this type of service.

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