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Designing an Office That Inspires Confidence

There are few things in the world that can be more inspiring than designing an office that inspires both creativity and productivity. The ultimate goal of every office space, whether private or public, is to create a space that both stimulates creativity and serves the needs of those who enter it. While many companies view their offices as a place to dump their accumulated clutter and catch up on last year’s paperwork, creative designers view the office space as an opportunity to express the company’s unique personality. Here are a few tips to ensure that your office inspires productivity and creativity:

Keep interiors timeless. While smaller offices can become stale after a certain number of years, larger office spaces with limited floor space can quickly become dated. Consider turning bare wood ceiling beams into glass tile panels, or painting the walls a neutral color to offset the dramatic nature of the room. You may also want to add a small table at one end of the office, or make the main focal point of the space of a coffee table or boardroom table.

Make the most of available space. While the current trend may be to fit multiple computers into a small corner, it often makes the office feel cramped and uncomfortable. Instead, opt for large work stations that leave enough room to comfortably sit at two computers while allowing for individual work space at desks.

Design elements that communicate purpose. If your office serves a purpose, be sure to incorporate that purpose into the design of the space. For example, if you have a conference room, you might consider coordinating the furniture so that the walls and floors of the room all serve a functional purpose. Similarly, choose functional but stylish accessories, like rugs and drapes, that can be used to accentuate the space.

Design elements that reduce clutter. If your office space is cluttered, you’re likely to fall asleep more easily, stay up longer, and be less productive. Instead, opt for simple design elements that help you keep things organized. If you need to look around constantly, get yourself a filing system that helps you to find what you need quickly.

Office furniture that inspires confidence. An open floor plan is one way to create a sense of openness and space in an office that inspires confidence. Similarly, include plenty of visible storage options and easy access to workstations so that employees don’t feel hemmed in by a cluttering space. Keep in mind that clutter is a major impediment to productivity, so choose pieces of furniture that will encourage productivity rather than hamper it.

Work with what you have. One of the best tips for designing an office that inspires confidence is to know exactly how much space you have to work with. Consider the layout of your office and what types of furniture will fill it best. Do a rough drawing of how things will look, then assess the space you have and think about what pieces of furniture will be most appropriate.

Know your priorities. If you feel overwhelmed by the many designs available, consider your priorities before you choose. While new items are always an exciting novelty, too many choices can lead to confusion, and you might end up compromising on some key elements of your space or your design just because you didn’t know which ones to start with.

Focus on what’s important. You might feel as though your office space is under-utilized, but the truth is that this is making you feel stressed and uncomfortable. To get over this, take some time to visualize what your office would look like before any work ever begins. Consider the layout in terms of color and furniture, and think about how each piece will enhance your current surroundings. If you feel as though you’ve gotten yourself into a rut in terms of design, try looking at more than one design at once so that you can get a wider variety of ideas.

Avoid clutter. Clutter is the last thing you want when you’re designing an office that inspires confidence. Instead, create as much space as possible, and keep things organized accordingly. To keep the clutter from getting out of hand, you can organize your papers and files according to their categories or tags. This means you’ll have less to sort through when you need to find something specific.

Get your office comfortable. When you sit down in your chair, do so with comfort in mind. Make sure that the chair is adjustable, and that it supports your body’s natural curves. If your chair doesn’t have the right support, you won’t be able to work efficiently.

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