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Another Name for Construction Worker

Here is another name for construction worker – bully. I have NEVER met anyone like that in my life. And you know what? I don’t care what you think. As long as they work on any building or under any roof, they are a bully.

Another name for Bulldog is the Rat. If your lucky, you may even meet one or two of them on occasion. But as for the rest, they run the show in the back rooms and make lots of noise.

Now let me ask you this question. Do you know why most construction workers live in their home states (which typically have pro-business governments) and do NOT have to pay union taxes? Do you know why I have trouble believing that? Probably because those people cannot afford to live anywhere else and they feel that it makes them better natured.

Okay, so lets go back to another name for construction worker. That would be the alcoholic. You see, most construction companies out there have a drinking problem in the workplace. Contractors especially. Not only do they drink, they become very obnoxious, rude, obnoxious and unprofessional… well at least that is how they act when in the work area.

And you have to wonder, with all the physical abuse, why does this continue? Why is it okay to treat someone badly inside the work place? If people would stand up and speak out against the bad bosses, they would go home every night happy and positive thinking about their future. So why do they tolerate this at the hands of their own?

So let’s get back to another name for construction worker. The real name would be: scum. It is disgusting that no one even gives these scum the attention that they deserve. How can anyone claim to be more superior or professional than another human being?

And another name for construction worker would be; parasite. They prey on other human beings and suck the wealth from them. They may have construction jobs now, but once they get bored or start to see the money flow out of the company then they will be on their way to another construction job with a different company.

In closing I ask that you join us in protecting the men and women that work for the construction industry. Do not give them any name or title that makes you look better. Do not allow them to abuse you, to degrade you, and to take advantage of you. Think of this; we are all humans and that means we all have needs. Do not allow one group of humans to abuse our position of power.

There is nothing funny about parasites. They are trash. If you call someone a parasite, then they should be called a trashbag. Look at it this way; if you are calling the President of the United States a liar or a thief, then do you really think they are any different than the scum that calls themselves construction workers? I hope so, because I am sure you do not.

Please consider adding another name to your long list of names for construction people. Scum is no longer one of the most popular names for a construction worker. And I am sure if you keep listening to the news on a regular basis, you will continue to see the scum in all walks of life; from construction companies to government agencies, from college classrooms to labor unions.

You cannot call a construction worker by name; you need to stop using the word “worker” and replace it with a description of what a scum is, because there is no such thing as a construction worker. When a construction company or a government agency seeks out an individual, they use a list provided by the government to identify the individual. In other words, they do not care about names, they just want the government contracts, and they will take whatever scum they can get, just to survive.

If you want another name for a construction worker, then perhaps you might think about parasites, or callous. This is a lot scarier than it might seem, and in reality, these are exactly the people that the government does not want to call construction workers, as they feed off the weak and powerless. Consider this in 2021.

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