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7 Tips to Safely Operate Chainsaw For Home Improvement

Here are 7 quick tips to safely operate a chainsaw. The first step is to read the operators manual that came with your chainsaw. Make sure that you know all of its uses. Even if it says not to use it around a fire, don’t ignore this advice because you might have difficulty getting it back in action if you’ve been in an accident. You also might want to double check that you have a dead bolt on your door and that you always use it even when you’re not home. Just in case.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to look behind or in areas where there may be potential danger from people or animals. Also check your surroundings especially if there is a lot of noise or you are around large objects that might trip you or trip another equipment. Lookout for anything that could potentially harm you like loose nails, loose cables, sharp or jagged edges, or other hazards.

It’s also important to check the chain holder. If there is one, take time to inspect it for rust or other signs of wear. This could prove to be extremely useful if you ever need to use the saw at your side while working in the field. If you find out that it isn’t holding the chain properly or doesn’t fit around the saw appropriately, you will need to buy a new one or replace your current one. This is especially true if you use the chainsaw for cutting firewood. It’s not only expensive to replace the entire chain, it could also prove dangerous if the wood jack that is used to raise and lower the chain onto the saw is damaged.

Use the guards available on the saw to secure it to trees or other sturdy objects. These will protect you as well as the saw itself. Most guards are slip resistant and will prevent you from slipping and falling while using the saw. Some also feature straps that go over the top of the saw and prevent it from making contact with you. These straps make it possible to use the saw without having to remove your hands to use it.

You should always be wearing protective eye and ear gear when using the chainsaw. Eye protection should cover your eyes and your face. Earplugs will keep the noise from outside the chainsaw going into your ears. Make sure that the guards over the chainsaw are firmly in place and won’t fall off or become loose. You should check them periodically for wear and tear as well.

It is important to use the correct amount of pressure when operating the saw. Check the blade for nicks or rough spots that could potentially snag your clothing. The blades come with some level of blade oil built in, which will keep the saw blades from dulling over time, but this should still be used in conjunction with proper cleaning and attention to detail.

Make sure that you don’t leave power cords in the area where you’re cutting. Some people unintentionally leave them in their yard or shed. This can pose a safety risk, since the electricity can be very dangerous if you aren’t watching it. Always be aware of what’s in the area you’re working in. Always pay attention to your surroundings and keep your eyes, ears, and nose protected. For electric saws, you should unplug the saw at the end of each job instead of leaving the power cord in the area.

Saw dust is often a serious safety issue that many people don’t think about until they have a chance to use the saw. Always remove all sawdust from its tailstock and its bed before storing. Never leave sawdust lying on the ground or on top of the deck. Some people brush away sawdust by hand, but it’s always safer to vacuum out the saw dust whenever possible.

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