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5 things you should do before selling your house

When you are going to selling your house it is common to think that with the appraisal of your house you already have everything ready to start showing it to potential buyers. But it is a common mistake to think that for this reason you no longer have to invest more , even in small details that will give you a better image.

Since the property is about to be sold, many people prefer not to spend more money, because they think that said amount will be thrown away, however you must see this as an investment to give your property that last “cat’s hand” that will enhance the best possible terms of sale .

Don’t skip that step and remember that love is born from sight. The fact that the property you will sell is in the best possible condition will make whoever is interested in it more convinced of the purchase and not bargain so much the total price.

Whether during the promotion of the property you are living in it or there are no basic details that you must do to optimize its sale , here we list some:


This is the most vulnerable part of your house as it is exposed to inclement weather. Give it a complete maintenance, paint the walls, paint or wash the hallway thoroughly, wash the windows and glass; If you have a garden in front or a planter outside, keep it careful. This is important because the first impression is what counts, so it is practically the hook to make visits. Your facade is, to put it in some way, the presentation letter of the property and will give a glimpse to the interested parties of what they can find inside: a property in good condition and cared for.


Over time the walls get dirty, stained or fading, such a paint can give the impression of an old house and a buyer will always prefer a fresh property. Make sure that the paint is a neutral and very light color (white is ideal), this so that your property is as bright and spacious as possible and allows those interested to have a more accurate perception of what the structure of the house is.

3-Details in the structure

The pipes are not eternal if your house is not so new it may be that it has already presented humidity problems, these are not always detected at the precise moment but until it is damaging walls, ceilings, or floors, which ends up leaving a clear sample of any inconvenience.

It is important that you not only repair the fault but that you do not leave a reliable mark that it was there. The same thing happens with cracks or that wall in poor condition. Failure to do so can discourage your potential buyers, it is difficult for someone to decide to make such a large investment in something that already has the warning that it will cause problems, whoever does so will seek to have the cost of the repairs discounted from the price to pay in the transaction of good.

4-Small details

It is time to compose small details that at first glance can make your house less attractive, they are minimal things but that completely change the perspective of what you want to show (a good property, cared for and in good condition). Among the most common things that can be thrown into oblivion and that leave a bad impression are: broken glass, broken doors, damaged plates and even, if you will still inhabit the house while you offer it, you should consider throwing that furniture in poor condition that does not serve you . They are minimal things that leave a bad appearance but if you fix them the difference is very big.


Whenever a potential buyer visits your home, you must offer them the best circumstances to tour, observe and evaluate the property in detail. Dust, mud, dirt are things that subtract the points in favor that your good has. If you do not vacate the property while it is sold, a spring cleaning is the first step, people accumulate unnecessary things over time, so this is an opportunity to dispose of everything that is excess.

This is something that sooner or later you will do for example with the move. In addition, this will help those interested in buying have a more objective view of the property.

Whoever is looking for a property will lean towards the one that is in the best possible conditions or with the best price; small buts that your good may have, may decrease the total amount you can receive for it.

Do not think about it, take care of your heritage, get to work and make your house sell without buts and in the best conditions.

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