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5 Black & White For Living Room Ideas

If you are searching for a great new way to bring color into your home and an inspirational place to gather with friends and family, consider incorporating one of the following beautiful & elegant black & white living room decorating ideas. This charming style is perfect for almost any sized living space and offers a warm & inviting look that’s sure to make a big impact on your guests as well as your own heart! So, how do you make use of this versatile color combination to best improve the look and feel of your existing space?

Black & white are naturally complementing colors. The contrasting elements within the two shades work together so perfectly that one seems to be the complement of the other. Black is the dark shade and white is the light-colored shade. They seem to flow together so naturally, yet it can be exciting to add a splash of white to your existing black and white theme. (And it’s a lot easier than you might think!)

One easy way to add some contrasting elements to a black & white theme in your living room is to use a white and black carpet. Carpets are wonderful because they offer us the versatility to create a multitude of different looks. For example, you can choose a colorful and deep red carpet for your living room and add a few chairs or a grouping of tables with white or cream chairs around it. If you have a larger area to fill, you could even use a striped white and black runner down the middle of the room to create a border effect and even break up the color of the room a bit more.

Another idea for adding contrast with your black and white color scheme is to pull out the “white” side of the color scheme by using white rugs or floor mats. These will bring in the “white” side of the color scheme and make it seem a little bit more tropical or Caribbean. You can find beautiful rugs at any local stores that sell home decor accessories. You can even use this idea for floor mats, since they can be placed under your chairs where you want a little extra seating. And again, because of the contrasting nature of black and white, your rugs won’t stand out like a sore thumb on the floor.

One other black & white living room idea is to play up some of your favorite African prints and tapestries. This can be accomplished through either hanging up posters of African masks that you love or by finding reproductions online that you can frame and hang on the wall. If you have a lot of family photos in your collection, then these are the perfect place to display them. Or maybe find a few of your favorite photos of friends and relatives that you can print out on black and white paper and frame these up as well.

Color schemes are always tricky when trying to create a unique color scheme. However, with so many different black and white pictures that are available, it shouldn’t be too hard. The first thing you’ll want to do is to take some color swatches that you have of the rooms in your house and bring these into your home improvement stores. You can then look at the different designs that they have and then decide which ones you like best. You may also want to bring in a rug that matches the color scheme of your tapestries and wall art.

Another thing you could do to turn your living room black & white is to simply switch out your furniture. For instance, you could change out your couch and end tables to something lighter in color. Or you could add a rug to the center of your living room to make it appear as though you have more space. By doing this, you are actually making a statement that you have more area and that you have considered the color scheme that fits you best.

If you haven’t considered any of these black & white living room ideas, what are you waiting for? They are great for both a formal event or as a nice surprise. So go ahead and get started. You won’t regret it!

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