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3 Steps to Prepare the House For Exterior Painting

When you have decided to do the painting of the house, you will need to take some steps to prepare the house for exterior painting. You can either choose to do it yourself or get a professional to do it. There are different benefits of doing it yourself. It saves time and you can do it at your own pace. However, there are certain disadvantages too. So, do it yourself and get all the necessary information so that you can decide whether to go in for painting or get it done by someone else.

Exterior house painting is one such process that involves preparation of the surface and then getting it painted. This is where a house can become a home for rodents and other unwanted things. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them before painting the exterior part of the house.

Preparing the painting surface involves removing the decayed part of the material. Using hard bristled brush, this should be done very carefully. This process should not leave any spot or scratch on the surface. If some spots are left, you will have to do another round of preparation.

The next step in the preparation process is the cleaning of the walls and windows. This should include cleaning of the ceiling and other parts of the structure. Use of a vacuum cleaner is required in order to completely clean the structure. When the entire structure is clean and clear, it is time to get the exterior paint done.

When you are preparing the exterior wall, make sure that there are no nails and any other metallic parts sticking out. Remove them carefully. Now comes the task of painting. You can either go in for oil paints or latex or water paints. Before you begin, you should remember one thing – always use the primer as a first coat.

Using a brush, start painting the entire structure of the house. You should let it dry completely for an hour before continuing. This will help you to prepare the house for the final steps to prepare it for painting. Wait for the dry time before proceeding further. Apply a coat or two of primer on the structure depending upon the color you want to portray.

Let the paint dry thoroughly and after that apply the base coat. Do this for every wall. Once the base coat is dry, you can then proceed with the second coat. The last coat should be applied in such a way that it covers the whole surface. This will help you get a beautiful exterior.

Once the entire structure is painted, cover it with plastic sheet to keep dusts off. Paint it once again in such a manner that you get a clean, smooth look. Wait for the time until it is totally dry before proceeding further. Use fine grit sandpaper to polish the exterior. This will also provide a great finish.

The third step is to clean the trim. This includes removing any kind of dirt and mud. It is important to maintain your house in a good condition so it should be given the due care.

The fourth step is to remove the weeds and the grass from the area. Use herbicides to control the growth of weeds. This will ensure that you do not have a problem in the future. The fifth step is to fix up any kind of gutter that may be damaged. If the damage has already been done by the rain, then consider using a gutter cover.

If you live in a windy area, then make sure that the exterior is protected. The sixth step is to repaint the siding. If the damage has been done by hail, then apply a protective coating to protect it. This will ensure that your house looks great even if you move out.

Exterior painting is a very tedious process but can give you great results. Make sure that the preparation has been done properly so you do not have to deal with problems such as mold or mildew. This will save you time, money and effort in the future.

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